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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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Debs Random Writings

book and craft activity

How to make a witch’s cauldron

Our Halloween garland above the fireplace is taking shape. Little handmade extras appear as the days go by. This weekend, cauldrons were added. A quick and easy craft activity for all ages.

The best part was that everything we used to make them, came from my collection of pre-used junk that’s too good to throw away. Squirreled away for just the right moment. Guarded fiercely. Waiting for its day to be in the limelight once more.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds themselves justifying why they have a collection of little boxes and bottle tops? Jam jars and little bits of felt?

Anyway, back to the cauldrons. Want to see how we made them? Continue reading

Sharing. Good idea.

Mountain children

children-in-the-forest-needle-felted-toadstool(Needle-felted Fly Agaric)

The books that are read to us as young children, help to shape the people we will become. It affects our style, our understanding of our surroundings, our references in the world. It’s little wonder as these books are often read to us over and over and over again. They are the first pictures that we study in detail and commit to memory in our young heads.

My children were raised on Elsa Beskow books. Not exclusively, of course, but they were a running theme throughout their young years, as they would be rotated on our Seasons table. The illustrations are delightful. The stories simple and centred on our natural world. Continue reading

Sharing. Good idea.

Book Bunny

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with my Friday stitching friends. It is the first session for a while and I had no obvious, portable project to take along. So I grabbed my bag of felted jumpers and, after a hasty blog search, I found a rabbit template.

I decided to use a scrap of printed cotton for the tummy and inside the ears. I used Falkland Island wool aran to make the fluffy tail. I found sleepy eyes worked best for this rabbit.

Last night, I finished the rabbit, still unsure what to do with it. She’s cute and, believe me, the children have taken turns to drop heavy hints about who should receive it. Dearest husband suggested I fill it with beans and use it as a door stop. I woke up this morning, still unsure where she was going.

Now, roll back a few more weeks to a parent’s evening. I had a different weight on my mind. My pressing concern was a reluctant reader. She groaned every time I asked if she would like to read to me. A horrible 6 year old heart-breaking groan. Sometimes she plain refused to read. Other times, she would, but made it obvious that it was under duress.

She said that she would prefer to make up her own stories, rather than reading others. In my heart, I agreed and didn’t want to force her. I would happily give her time, but I knew she would hate being left behind by her friends.

I needed a plan. One that didn’t put us at odds. Her teacher made a suggestion, which was cute, but it wasn’t quite right. I knew she hated the books from school, so as part of my plan, I visited the bookshop. While browsing, I found a sweet book that was just her. It had nature and growing and family in it. I knew she would identify with it. It was round about her reading level.

Jody’s Beans. And she loved it. The story is about one of her favourite gardening projects. A runner bean house. This book has helped her to find her reading flow. Along with other projects, which I’ll include in another post.

Today, she read it to me again. No groaning.  While she concentrated on the words, I admired the pictures. I love this style of drawing. So do-able, that it makes me think I could draw like this. (A girl can dream!) Then it hit me. My bunny was in the book. Look!

There she is. In almost every picture. Ok, the book bunny hasn’t got the floral fabric tummy, but the main colour is the same. And the ears are just as floppy. Clutched by the little girl, which almost looks like my little girl.

Even the Grandpa, who is the other main character in the book, has a kind of resemblance to one of her Grandpas. (Not saying which one…. I doubt either are reading!)

So there you are. Maybe subconsciously I was crafting with intent. Book + Bunny= happy child. What more can I ask!

This dreamy rabbit suits my loving daughter, who spends a lot of time in her own dream world. I think I know what to do with the rabbit.

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Sharing. Good idea.


There have been cases when people lifted my photos and words, and used them without credit to me or asking permission first. Using them for their own commercial gain. I have now added a level of security to deter people from doing this. Apologies to people who do play nicely. If you would like to use any of my photos, please contact me.

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