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Connecting – my word of the week

A sign of modern life. Driving through the village, spotting a hunched figure disappearing into the gaping doors of the green box and the feeling of foreboding hits you. Oh no. Surely not again.

I’m sure these boxes are dotted around the country. As familiar a sight as the old red telephone boxes, but less photogenic. Whereas most of the red boxes have now been turned into informal community libraries, the green boxes soldier on. Providing the intended service.

They remind me of the half sized cupboards that hymn books were stored in at school, except these ones are painted green and made of metal. Instead of books, the two doors open up to display a nest of squirming cables, wrapping around each other. Providing phone and internet service to the surrounding community. Connecting us to the outside world.

A hunched figure means that something has gone wrong.

It’s been half term this week. A week to relax, catch up and breathe. When the children were younger, this week was earmarked for science. I’d find and set up various science orientated experiments and we would explore different theories. Now they are older, they want to do their own thing.

The boy has been out on his bike, seeing his friends in the village. Even the rain and wind has not seen them scuttering home. It’s his chance to catch up with pals that go to a different school to him. To balance the picture, he also spends too much time on his computer, playing and chatting to them.

Middle teen has been out with her friends too. Catching the bus into the city to see them. She’s also made a cushion cover and spent oodles of time drawing. I used to say that she couldn’t walk without cartwheeling. Now I think she can’t breathe without sketching.

Eldest teen is focused on her exams. Not that she isn’t relaxing too, but the pressure is mounting.

We’ve also had a trip to see grandparents, and shopping trips too. I finished my latest hand embroidery (first photo). The week has disappeared faster than the mouse that lives in the wall by our back door. The wind and the rain put a damper on the fun outings I thought we’d make, but no bad thing. They needed to relax and catch up.

As for the hunched figure in the green box, patching the cables, yes, we did lose our internet connection. On and off. Finally for 24 hours. Coupled with a challenging mobile connection in the normal way, it reminded me how much we have learnt to rely on this connection for every day life. Not just the fun part, but functional too. No wonder my heart drops when I see the green doors open.

Joining in with Anne’s Word of the week. My word in connecting.


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Carnivorous plant – My Sunday Photo

Watched Day of the Triffids recently. Never sure which are more frightening in the story: the plants or the people. Definitely the people in this recent adaption.

Rambling around the kitchen table

Slow start this morning, due to a well timed inset day. No school for us, followed by a week’s holiday. I thought I’d sneak around downstairs and have a quiet cup of tea, before the rest descended. No sooner did I put the kettle on, than a voice from upstairs requested a cup too. And so our half term begins.

This week has been filled with sorting out and setting up. Nothing exciting. Just stuff that has to be done. Moving project files from one imaginary tray to another equally imaginary tray.

We survived Storm Ciara, last weekend, with only a little damage. It really did blow a hooley. My potting shed shed a tile and one of the fences is damaged. It was weak. Putting up a new fence is scheduled for this spring already, it’s just Ciara stole a march and knocked it down early. Everywhere is squelchy mud, so not much fun sorting it out now. Also, we have Storm Dennis to look forward to this weekend. With his “chances of flooding” forecast. Fun and games.

One good thing about stormy weather is that I have the best excuse to get on with a bit of crafting. I tidied my sewing desk, at the weekend, and set up my old Singer sewing machine. I love working with this machine. I made my leather coin purse. I’ve also started on my next project, which I hope to share soon.

Also delved into my unfinished yarn projects. The ones that somehow sink to the bottom of the pile. I finished one quick one and moved on to another. This one will take longer. Already frogged it once. I know I said I wouldn’t, but I’ve picked up another jumper. It was too pretty to leave, half started. Challenging stitch pattern to keep my brain ticking over.

Always with a cup of tea.

Mainly herbal tea.

Tea is taking on a new role in our house. I gave up coffee at the end of last year and noticed that my headaches and migraines stopped. I used to drink coffee and my head would be eased. Now I take no coffee and have no headaches. The circle is broken. Couple of months now and it is still true. I’m so glad I’m giving it a miss.

Another upside is that I find I’m putting the kettle on for not just me. Eldest and Youngest join me. Chatting as I make the brew. Tea is a fairly recent discovery for them. What is it about tea that brings people together? I’m looking forward to harvesting fresh herbs from the garden again and working on some new combinations, with the children. Simple pleasures.

So here’s to a good half term.We have a few fun ideas for the week, which will be more fun if the weather behaves. Seems we are in the lap of the Gods, or maybe I should say at the mercy of  Dennis, and I hear Storm Ellen is on the horizon too, as far as storms are concerned. She’s meant to be even bigger.

More squelchy mud.

Did I say I’ve got a few craft projects on the go?

Joining in with Anne’s Word of the Week linky. Seeing as I’ve been rambling on, my word is rambling, which is code word for “I’m making pretty things and ignoring the mud”. How about you?

Word of the Week linky


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