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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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  • Carol Not only is your bag practical, it is also very cute. Most reuseable bags aren't very attractive but I use them anyway. 16 Jul
  • Crummy Mummy We've been up at our allotment watering every day too - could really do with some meaningful rain now, although I'm not complaining! #MMBC 16 Jul
  • Kim Carberry What a fantastic idea and a fab looking bag. So pretty. I love your sewing machine too. x 15 Jul
  • sam What a well timed shot X #mmbc 15 Jul
  • Craft Mother I really hope you do get the gardening bug. Wonderful way to spend your time. 15 Jul
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Slice of Life

Garden (word of the week)

 Another week of gorgeous weather. We’ve eaten out in the garden most evenings. I’ve been working late and opted for picnic style, cold meals, so I can cut down on preparation time. The kind of meals that transport me straight into holiday mode, when eaten al fresco. School is winding down for the children, which means they are right there with me.

We’ve spent a fair amount of time in the garden. Everyone takes turns to help me water in the evenings. The kitchen garden has doubled in growth just this week. Stopping myself from wishing the time to fly, but I am looking forward to heading for the kitchen garden again, rather than the shops for all of our fresh produce needs. Already enjoying salad straight from the garden.

The garden takes a fair bit of work. No doubt about that. I have fresh appreciation for all the childhood gardens I remember. I grow poppies and big daisies in one part of the garden, which are the plants I remember from my grandparents’ garden. These flowers always seemed to tower over me, as I ran around their garden back in the 70s. The strange thing is, that the daisies, I grow, still tower over me. The poppies may still be from seeds from their garden, but I’m not sure. It’s been too long*.

(*Reference to me remembering not the viability of the poppy seeds. I read that it’s been shown that 50 years on and poppy seeds can still germinate.)

Lots of badminton and ball games being played out in the garden too. I love hearing the laughter. We’ve also been crafting outside. I’ve taken my knitting outside, a few times for a break. I pull a bench into the orchard. It’s covered in lichen and moss, which makes a great natural cushion. Favourite spot in the middle of the day.

The children made the most of painting outside last weekend. I love their artwork. The thyme plant, is doing well in Youngest’s blue baboon wall planter.

Apart from a week filled with garden time (update: the garden goddess has worked her magic), we’ve been missing one member of the family as Eldest teen is off on a science school trip. Judging by her texts (few and far between), it sounds like it’s been long hours of actual school work and she’s ready to come home. Bit different from her usual school trips which involve going abroad and sound distinctly more like holidays than work.

It is the quiet before the storm. Next week looks like a much busier week, so I’m glad for a quieter time this week. I’ll still have garden to escape to.

Joining in Anne’s Word of the Week. My word is garden.


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A walk around the garden

I hang the last sock on the line to dry and take a moment to check the kitchen garden. It’s coming along nicely. I need to take the hoe out at lunchtime to sort out the weed seedlings which are beginning to appear among the sweetcorn. Let the heat of midday dry them out on the surface.

The summer raspberries are doing well. I’ve left three thistles to grow among them. The purple mop head flowers are in full bloom, attracting the soldier beetles. That’s one diving into the purple petals. I lose count of how many beetles are among the spiky leaves and blossom. Both the larvae and adults will eat aphids. I never need to spray the garden.

I’ve used the three sister method of growing as usual. Sweetcorn, squash and beans. All working together. It also tickles me, as I’m one of four and the youngest of the three sisters. I wonder which plant I would be? I’d go for the sweetcorn. I love to walk among them, as they grow almost to my height.

The garden is slightly behind. I was slow to plant out, but it will be what it will be.

Picking up my laundry basket, I take the long route back to the house, via the greenhouse. Passing the hazelnut trees, I can see the nuts are almost ready. Not that I’ll see any, as the squirrels are faster off the mark than me, every year.

I’m pleased with the greenhouse. I’ve planted it well. Everything is planted in the borders. Not too many weeds, as I’m using my collection of cut off plastic bottles to water the roots and below the surface. Run off is minimalized. I grow small cucumbers. Half sized. The first one is ready to eat.

No spraying in the greenhouse either. I encourage my friendly mini beasts to visit with nasturtiums, and the cucumbers do their bit too. A spider almost hidden in a cucumber flower.

Bit of a mystery. Last time I was in the greenhouse, I noticed a dead hornet being dragged by an ant. It was fascinating. Such a small creature moving another many times its size. Like a caveman pulling a hairy mammoth, as I told my husband that night. Today I notice the hornet is in an empty seed tray, I left on the greenhouse path. Did the ant drag the hornet up and over into the tray, and if so why? Was it removing it from near the ant’s nest to stop other hornets turning up?

I like to work with nature. It doesn’t mean I always understand it.

Also in the greenhouse, is one of my cucamelon plants. A new one for me. The fruit tastes of a cross between melon and cucumbers, just as the name suggests. Its vines are beginning to find their way up the wall of the greenhouse. I spot the beginnings of the fruiting bodies. The length of my little finger’s nail. Maybe a week or more till we can try them.

Peppers are swelling too. The tomatoes and basil plants are bushing up.

I leave the greenhouse door open, but block it with a tray to stop the rabbits getting in.

Final stop, before I go in. The raised salad beds. Guarded by two fences which keep the rabbits and their nibbling tendency away from my salad. One bed is full of lettuce, turnips and tomatoes. The other popcorn, courgette and tomatoes. Some rows have failed, but the rest is thriving.

My double fence doesn’t keep the sparrows off. Oh my goodness, we have so many sparrows and they like to nibble my lettuce. No problem with slugs or snails this year, but the marauding sparrows make up for it. Brought out our last surviving garden goddess at the weekend and gave her a new outfit. She now scowls at the sparrows and shakes a bell. Go find something else to eat.

Finally back in the house. Next load of washing is ready for the line. Time to go out again. Might take the shorter route back to the house this time. It seems I’m so easily distracted. Although I didn’t check the blackcurrants. I could just pick a few. Maybe take a few kitchen scraps to the hen house, while I’m there.

Inbetween – My Sunday Photo

I love the inbetween times. Those spontaneous moments, or whole hours, squeezed between the things that have to happen, one way or another. Once homework is complete. Screen time satisfied. The nagging to do the chores has faded. Also, the not so great moments, that are all part of growing up, have run their course.

What’s left? The inbetween time. In all its unplanned glory.

Time filled with fun and laughter. I love to hear them laugh. Everyone is part of the joke and they laugh together. Carefree laughter. Belly aching laughs. Masks lowered with the people who know them best and love them.

Those are the times that my children will remember as being their childhood. When the sky was always blue. When they ate outside every evening, listening to the greenfinch in the tree and driving each other mad. When they mucked around and played badminton in the back garden. Laughing helplessly together. Those are the happy moments they will remember. This kind of laughter is magic. It creates enduring memories. The rest will be there, but secondary.


There have been cases when people lifted my photos and words, and used them without credit to me or asking permission first. Using them for their own commercial gain. I have now added a level of security to deter people from doing this. Apologies to people who do play nicely. If you would like to use any of my photos, please contact me.

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