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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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Pop – My Sunday Photo

My house has a definitely eau de popcorn this weekend, but, despite my best efforts, I have no popcorn to show. I am a tad disappointed, to say the least.

The one crop from my garden that I was truly excited about, this year, was my popcorn. First time trying it. The seed packet made it sound easy to grow and pop. These were popping corn. What is not to like?

So I gave it a go. It grew well. Really well. The cobs were beautiful. I fed it and watered. Admired it. I dreamt of feeding my family great bowls of homegrown popcorn.

Except, it didn’t turn out like I hoped. It will not pop. I have tried everything, over the last two days. All the methods I know and more. I’ve researched. I now know more about the ins and outs of popcorn than any one should, who just simply wants to eat them. I’ve tracked down every reference to this specific type of popcorn and can find only two mentions of people popping it. These two are from the same source, so really it is just one. One. The rest explain how to successfully germinate the seeds and care for the plants, and then they go silent. No beautiful photos of people reaching into big bowls of popped popcorn.

So I give up. You cannot win them all and, in all fairness, I do win most times. Either the seeds were wrong or maybe my soil was lacking a particular nutrient. I won’t be growing it again. (Although I did find another variety that may be worth a go. 😉 ) Instead, I’ll strip these cobs, dry the seeds and use them either in jars as decorations or in heat bags. They are pretty. I cannot waste them.

I’m glad I gave it a go, but if you don’t mind, I’d rather not smell popcorn for a little while. Sigh.

(details: Fiesta popcorn)

For remembrance Sunday.

We should never forget.

Green pumpkin – My Sunday Photo

You may see a strange looking pumpkin. On the other hand, I see the perfect pumpkin to make pie. Sweet pumpkin pie. My favourite.

I like how this pumpkin challenges stereotypes. It’s not orange and it’s not smooth. More gnarly and, well, green, to be perfectly honest. It’s never going to make it into a production of Cinderella, not when there are orange ones to steal the show.

It’s still a pumpkin. Still being made into a pie and will taste far better than the oversized, orange version. Sweeter. It will also have its turn at being carved into a scary face with a candle lighting it up inside. I have the feeling that its shape will make it quite interesting.

Just doing its bit to prove that not all pumpkins are orange.

ps If you don’t like the taste of pumpkin, it may that you haven’t found the right pumpkin yet. You might prefer a green type like this one.

Popcorn – My Sunday Photo

I’m sure in five years time, I’ll be a dab hand at this growing popcorn malarky. I’ll be able to tell you the ins and outs of growing it. One things for sure, it’s not the same as sweetcorn, despite appearances. This year is our first year, with popcorn. I’m still learning the best way to grow and, most relevant now, when to harvest them.

The plants have been quite a sight. Taller than my sweetcorn. Every time I pass them, I feel like I’m on the edge of a great field full of popcorn. Stretching as far as the eye can see. I’m not, but my 16 plants are still impressive.

The strong winds last night, toppled a few, as it rudely pushed its determined way through my popcorn plants. They look like giants that have toppled. As part of my learning curve, I chose one medium cob to see how it was doing.

It needs to dry more. I’d like to leave the plants in the ground, just a little while longer. Pollination has been a little bit hit and miss, by the looks of it. Still not bad for a first try. If nothing else, I can use these as autumn decorations.


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