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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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Dragon scales – My Sunday Photo

Spotted a fungi covered stump on our dawn chorus walk. Easy to over look when your eye is drawn to the woodland floor, covered by the spectacular and colourful show of bluebells and stitchwort.

To me, this is just as spectacular. The texture and subtle shades. Like scales of a sleeping dragon. Surely a legend or tale should be woven around this old sentry. Am I the only one that walks on, still filling in the blanks of the story for this woodland landmark, I wonder?

Enjoying the small things

(Stitchwort and Bluebells)

Leaning on my spade this weekend, I couldn’t help imagining all the yummy food that would (hopefully) pop up in the raised beds I was working on, given time. I’d added compost to improve the fertility. Sown the seeds. Added water. Nothing else to do, but stand back and imagine all the mouth watering, gourmet meals this summer will bring. Given time.

This week has been about enjoying the small things. Something for all the senses. Often unrushed. Mostly something else setting the agenda. Turn-up-and-you-may-be-lucky kind of moments.

Sunday, we went to a car boot sale at one of the neighbouring villages. Never quite sure how these events will go. Will we find anything? Will we be the only ones there? As it turned out it was big and bustling. An experience for the children. I found pie dishes. I’ve been looking for these for a while, second hand. No point buying new. Just a matter of time till my path crosses someone else’s clutter.

I made a bowl cosy to go with them. Felt good to work with the fabric again and turn 2D to 3D, and into something useful. I’m going to make more, so all the family can use them too.

May Bank holiday we got up before the crack of dawn. I mean that in the literal sense. Getting the teens and tweens out of bed was remarkably easy. We headed off to a different nearby woods for the dawn chorus and the bluebells. It was noticeable how the woods woke up. Sun not quite up and the birds in full voice (recording posted on Instagram). The scent of the bluebells grew as the light did. We saw deer rising and even a young hare crossed our path.


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It was magical.

I love how the stitchwort and the bluebell are shoulder to shoulder.

Other happy moments this week:

⇒ Went for my first run for a long time.

⇒  Watched youngest playing his first cricket match of the season.

⇒ Middle doing well in a surprise test. She’s come a long way.

⇒  Eldest spending the day at a university

⇒ Baked a banana, chocolate and oatmeal tea bread, to use up some bananas. This is so good. Chocolate and banana cake is now my favourite kind of cake. Highly recommend. I used a recipe from Waitrose. (recipe here, just in case you want to give it a go)

⇒ The fragrance of potting up my tomato plants. All grown from seed.

So many moments to enjoy. Simple. Basic. I think I like it that way.

Joining in with Anne’s word of the week linky. My word is Enjoy.

Raisie Bay


Pie dishes and car boot sale

We went to a local car boot sale over the weekend. It’s been a while. I warned the children not to expect to buy anything. Always go with a minimal, mental list of things you’d like to find and avoid impulse buying, otherwise all you’re doing is moving clutter from one home to another. Shifting the problem. It works if one person’s clutter becomes your desired purchase. Everyone wins that way.

So included on my list were garden tools (I could do with another fork), a tailors dummy (I live in hope) and individual pie dishes. I know I could buy all these first hand very easily and have it all straight away, but that’s daft if I can help someone else clear their clutter and save it going to a landfill. It’s one of the reasons I try to buy nothing new.

I’m patient. I can wait to find the right solution.

(Unless it’s fabric. Then the conversation in my head, about the gorgeous new fabric in my hands, goes on a whole heap longer and can get heated. Fabric is my weakness, but I’m working on it)

Also I find items fall off the list after a while, proving I really didn’t need them.

I think by the end, the children were more than ready to go home. They chattered happily in the car about the strange things they’d seen for sale, conversations they’d overheard and no one was upset about coming home empty handed.

Nestled by my feet, were a stack of small pie dishes.

Six of them.

They are the ceramic dishes that Charlie Bingham’s pies come in. I’ve never tried this range of pies. I like to make my own. I’m assuming that the owner of the stall must have absolutely loved them, as she had a box brimming over with these dishes. Empty and clean! Perfect for my pie making. I bought 6 for £1.

Last night, I used them to make fruit crumble. Using up leftovers before my supermarket delivery arrives today. I mixed pears, blueberries and raspberries, with a dash of almond essence. I’m not sure if it was the new dishes, the stormy weather raging outside or the fruit combination, but everyone really loved the crumble. Bowls were cleaned.

The new dishes have given me the chance to try out something else that’s been on my list – bowl cosies. Especially important as the dishes are coming straight out of the Aga and I wanted to protect everyone’s hands.  Turns out that bowl cosies are ridiculously easy to make. A few darts and the flat square turn into a bowl, with the perfect dimensions for my new individual pie dishes.

I’ve made one so far, as a proof of concept. I’m using Aldi fat quarters, with cotton wadding. Sewn up with cotton thread. The theory is that by avoiding mademade fibres, I can put these in the microwave or my lower oven, without fear of anything melting. It makes it easier to lift the hot bowls out. The cosies can either be held by two diagonal corners or in the palm of your hands. Even if it spills, the fabric catches most of the hot splashes before they can hit anyone. Usually me, to be honest.

It’s reversible too. I’m not sure how important that feels to me at the moment. I guess that some dishes will look better against the yellow and others with the blue. Flexibility to change the colour may be nice, but I’m more interesting in making a set of cosies that complement each other but not match. I am not a matching kind of person.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. I’m quite happy with my new pie dishes. Love that it pushed me to dabble in a new sewing project too. It seems to have gone down well with everyone. Even had requests for customised bowl cosies. I like that. It means they are already picturing themselves using these cosies for late evening, garden eating.

Oh. Roll on summer!


Going Green


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