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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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Debs Random Writings

make own potions

A handful of hops

A handful of hops

foraged from the hedgerow as

I headed on home.


* hops collected on school run today. Now drying ready to be mixed with lavender and added to handstitched sleep pillows made of cotton. They smell divine.

*experimenting with haiku


Sharing. Good idea.

Handmade Christmas by the children

mini bath bombs I really love giving handmade presents at Christmas. I love receiving them too. I know I say it every year, but while making a present, I spend time thinking about the person. It is inevitable. When I shop for a present, it doesn’t feel such a positive experience. Usually, I end up feeling cross. Handmade presents give me happy thoughts and that hopefully is passed on to the recipient mini bath bombs2 My children need little encouragement to make the presents that they give too. This weekend they concentrated on making presents for their teachers and friends. (Hopefully none of them read my blog.) Each of the mini bath bombs they made were carefully handcrafted. The children sat around the table discussing who they were going to give them to and matching the fragrance and flowers to the person. mini bath bombs3 They added colouring and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate to a few for bubble production! Not something that I would do when making bath bombs with school. Most are white and look like little fondant sweets, so all bags will be labelled well. My kitchen smells amazing at the moment as the bath bombs sit on trays drying. Between them, they made 125 bath bombs! A couple won’t make the grade, but the rest are just perfect for present giving. Most importantly, they will love giving them to their teachers and friends. As far as they are concerned, it is so much better than something I bought while out shopping, for them to give. (step by step instructions for making bath bombs here). More personal.christmas cakes

Before all the bath bomb making, they made festive cakes. These ones are for us!

So, which do you prefer giving or receiving? A handmade present or one from the shops?

I’d really love to hear.

Joining in with #LetKidsBeKids today. Waves slightly fragrant-oil hand to anyone visiting via Karen’s site.

Sharing. Good idea.

Perchance to dream

Sometimes I get migraines. I know I am not alone. Usually mine happen when my routine is altered and I’ve simply not had enough water in the day. I know the preventative action, but these are days when my attention is elsewhere and my usual reminders are absent. Carrying a bottle of water doesn’t make it to the list. It should.

Anyway, when the dreaded headache and sick feeling hit, I need to lie down. Preferably in a dark room and to sleep. Hoping that a painkiller will help and I’ll wake up without the agony.

Why am I sharing this? Especially as I am a firm believer that when people ask me how I am, they really don’t want me to list my complaints. Unless its obvious. Like a broken leg. Saying “I’m fine” in that case would be ridiculous, but hopefully you get my drift. I try not to bring every ache up in casual conversation. Although I will offer genuine sympathy to others that do, but I’m just not one to share.

This time I’m sharing as it sets the scene for my latest sewing project. Last migraine, I just couldn’t escape light without covering my face with something. Uncomfortable at the best of times. Amazingly, as I hid my head under a pillow, I had a creative thought. I needed a sleep mask, but not just a run of the mill kind of sleep mask that airline’s handily supply. I needed a pretty sleep mask that smelt gorgeous. To lift my spirits when I needed it the most.

Yesterday, I sketched, cut and stitched a sleep mask in pretty pink, with sweet little flower garlands. I covered the elastic at the back with more of the same fabric to make it more comfortable and to hide the bland elastic. The part that covers my eyes consists of a double layer of fabric. Before I finished stitching them together, I lightly stuffed it with lavender and chamomile flowers from the garden. Just enough flowers for the fragrance and to hide the light, but not enough to press too heavily on my eyes when I wear the mask.

I haven’t got a headache at the moment, but oh my, does this mask feel good to wear. The light is cut out completely. The fabric is cool to touch which will also help, but its the fragrance that makes all the difference. It… is….. just ….. perfect.  BL kindly offered to model the mask. So taken with it, she placed an order for one. I was lucky she didn’t fall asleep there and then.

This year we are growing more chamomile in the garden. It gives me plenty of opportunity to use it in the kitchen and for its fragrance. I am loving the combination of lavender and chamomile. Adds a smooth, sweet, buttery note. The bees and hoverflies love it too.

So next migraine, I’ll test out my sleep mask. How I love to use something that I’ve made, but for once, I really can wait.

(Just had to add that we loved the Olympic opening ceremony last night. Brilliant.)

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Sharing. Good idea.


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