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Debs Random Writings

craft along

KCW day 1

KCW day 1 cutting

How fast dates come round! I’ve had the KCW button on my side bar for a few weeks, but now it’s here. Actually it started yesterday, but I’m not going to get technical.

I love joining in with Kid’s Clothes Week (KCW). It inspires me to buckle down and not only start making something for the children, but to finish it too.  Following on Flickr means that I can admire everyone else’s creations. Believe me, they are inspirational. In the past I’ve been inspired to add the little touches to clothing that mark a garment out.

Basically, the idea is to spend an hour a day, this week, working on either one garment or several for your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Or any child really.

KCW day 1 cutting out

I’ve chosen to make an outfit for BL who is fast approaching her birthday. She loves everything that I make her, which makes it truly gratifying to make anything for her. She has no idea why I’ve had the tape measure out except that I’m making something for her, but not exactly what.

Day one, I have spent cutting out. Both bits of fabric are stretchy. My scissors are struggling. Not sure if it’s the fabric or my scissors. Very glad to be passed the cutting out stage.

Cutting out photos are always a bit …..boring….so here are some finished articles from last KCW that I made. See finished!

kcw spring 2013

Sewing machine out for day two. Anyone else joining in with KCW?


Sharing. Good idea.

Yarn Along : Knitting and Weeding

knitting and weedingI am celebrating. This post marks the half way point of my hexi puffs project. That’s half way through my Beekeeper Quilt. The knitting part at least. I am conveniently not counting the time it will take to sew all the hexi puffs together.

It wasn’t till I tipped out the bag to photograph the hexis and then count them back in again, that I realised I was over half way through. Somehow four little puffs had not been added to the tally.

So half way through the project and  I’ve stuck to most of the rules that I set myself:

A hexi puff a day – some days I’ve knitted three and other days none, but I’m still ahead on this rule
Recycle and reuse – hmm, that one has pretty much gone by the wayside. I started off well and still buy in bulk.
High % pure wool – still keeping to this one.
Variegated wool – still keeping to this one too.

Here’s to the next half.

hexipuff pile at 195I’m joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along today, which gives me a chance to include my current book Weeds. A strange choice, perhaps, for someone who is still clearing areas of the garden to plant out her sweetcorn and other seedlings which are desperate to leave the confines of their pots. At the same time, we are developing our meadow areas again, so I am finding the book fascinating.

I have a fresh respect for weeds. They are determined little plants which have evolved to survive. Some can lie dormant for years and still germinate. The book describes one quarry site where the top soil was stored for 50 years with the idea of reinstating it one day, once the quarry had been filled in again. The soil was pre weed killer and they hoped would contain some viable seeds. The quarry was turned into a nature reserve and the top soil added to one part of it.

“The following spring the field burst unto bloom, with an explosion of weeds that had not been seen in the area for decades. Blue cornflowers, purple corncockle, yellow corn buttercup. The long, comb-like seed pods of shepherd’s -needle. The purple and yellow pagodas of field  cow-wheat.”

pile of hexipuffs 195 from top I’ve only read two chapters so far, but already I find myself rooting for the weeds (pun unintended – although I can’t help looking at the hexis and thinking about the 1000 seeds held in each poppy head and fifty heads per plant….). This may not be entirely good. I have about fifty teasels to pull out before the pumpkins and squash can be planted out, so I’m hoping not to read anything in the meantime to change my purpose.

I love a good read that makes me think and maybe see something from a different angle. What are you reading and knitting, at the moment?

Sharing. Good idea.

KCW – days 4 – 7

finished poppy tunic with G

Seven days later and the poppy tunic is all stitched up. Yeh! Hey! It worked. The fabric perspective is preserved. Distant poppies at the top, with the close up poppies at the hem.

After much consultation, both of us agreed that we needed a red band. Seems like even in the case of poppies, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Who knew?

finished poppy tunic with Gwinny

(I banned the chickens from the photo shoot this time. Too risky. Oh, and please ignore the fact that she’s managed to pull down the hem a bit.)

I love the sewing pattern (McCall’s M6689) and will use it again. It has so many lovely details, such as the pleats and bow but they are lost in the busy-ness of the poppies. I’d like to try it with plainer fabric next time.

back of finished poppy tunic

The back pleats give a slight bustle, giving a swing feel to it. My tall, willowy daughter can pull off this look and it suits her. She’s now requested black leggings to go with it. Does her list eeeeeever end?

I’ve loved making the tunic. The hardest part turned out to be fitting all the pattern pieces on the limited fabric and still keeping the poppies growing in the same direction.

The KCW week is now over, but I still have two other children waiting for their own handmade something, so I’m going to go on into this week, and probably beyond. Next project is ready for cutting.

children handmade patchwork bags

Just had to include a photo of the patchwork bags AJ and BL made at this weekend’s quilting workshop (first session here).  Fabulous time again and they learnt so much. They’ve already started on their next bags and are looking forward to the next workshop.

Sewing  – it’s in the blood.

Joining in with Sew-Much-Ado today

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Sharing. Good idea.


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