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Yarn Along – October

I set myself a reminder, over the summer, to join in the next one of Ginny’s Yarn Along. If this post sees the light of day, you’ll know I managed it. Even remember to link it up? Fingers crossed.

It has been a while. I’ve missed it. Not only for the encouragement to finish my latest knit, but also the book recommendations that people link up. Thank you, wonderful people. I’m pretty sure that most of the books I’ve read in the last 8 years, were gleaned from other linker’s posts.

So, on to my knit and book. I’ve just finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (affiliated link). A story, that starts in the 1960s, about a doctor who sends his new-born daughter away because she has Down’s Syndrome. If the banishment wasn’t breath-taking awful enough, he goes on to tell his wife that the child was stillborn. They are left to raise her twin. A healthy boy.

In the meantime, the nurse who was given the task of taking the daughter to a care home, cannot bring herself to leave her there and brings up the child herself.

The 1960s were a different time. No run-of-the-mill pre-birth scans, as we’re used to now, plus a different attitude to disabilities. It might have been a very different story if they had known before the birth, but that’s not the point of the story. The couple weren’t aware that they were expecting twins, let alone one with Down’s Syndrome. I’m sure it must have been a shock. No time to prepare yourself. Strangely the attitude is the only part that really pins it to the period. Few references to the current affairs in the world around. The story could have been set 40 years later and still worked. The focus is very much on the main adult characters and the consequences of the lie on them over the next couple of decades. It didn’t even occur to me that the Memory Keeper was not the mother, until near the end.

I did enjoy it. As the story progressed, I swung between liking the characters and finding each of them mildly irritating. And back again. It is a slow read, but worth persevering.

Now for my knit. I’m knitting a jumper for me. It is Sirdar 8067 and I’m knitting it in Sirdar Harrap Tweed. I reluctantly abandoned my attempt on the suggested ribbing after numerous failed tries. I’m no newbie to fancy stitches, but I couldn’t make it look anything but a mess. Shame as the ribbing was the reason I went for the pattern in the first place. Instead I’ve knitted a cable twist ribbing.

You may spot that my needles don’t match. Funny story. Well actually, not, but I can try. I love the grippiness (is that a word?) of the wooden needles, and was rather miffed when I found the matching needle was now in two pieces. Right in the middle. Fingers were pointed. Not deterred, I’m soldiered on with odd needles.

I’ve finished the front and back, and am now ploughing up the first sleeve. It’s looking good. I love the mottled or dappled look of the lilac yarn. Maybe next month, I’ll be able to show you all the finished jumper. I best set a reminder to join in again.

What are you reading at the moment? I need to select another book.

Yarn Along – January

I’m thrilled to see that Ginny’s Yarn Along is back. I’ve genuinely missed all the book recommendations and knitting inspiration from everyone.  Being a monthly link up this time, I’ll have more chance of showing something new each time too. No more “look I’m reading the same book” or “I managed two lines of knitting this week“. I hope.

So, without further ado, what am I up to?


I have one knitting project on the go. It is the adult hoodie that should have been finished for Christmas. It’s taking longer than I planned. I lost the wool for a while. Then I lengthened the first sleeve too much, which dented my enthusiasm. I still haven’t resolved the problem, but am ploughing on with the second. Hopefully it will act as a guide to the right length. I’m guessing that we’ve all seen the cartoons of people receiving grandma’s homemade jumper where one sleeve is longer than the other.  I’m hoping to avoid this look.

Pattern is Hayfield 7256, using Hayfield with wool dk yarn no 701 Blackberry. I made a version for my 10 year old son, back in the summer. He loves it and we blinged it for his Christmas jumper day at school. It’s back to normal now. No cars or trees. Or lights! I think he found his one day of being lit up by fairy lights, more than enough. Although, he was quietly pleased to be the only one called up, to the front, in school assembly. He reckons that his was the only homemade jumper in the school. (I obviously didn’t get that memo)

Continue reading

Yarn Along: Socks and Merlin

On my kitchen table today. Books and knitting.

I’ve picked up a knitting project again. A work in progress project. Put down but not forgotten, before I started my seasonal gift-making knitting in earnest, this autumn. A pair of socks for me. The yarn was cream until it met the left-over tie-dye pots, a few years back. I dyed it as balls, which makes for some interesting changes in colour and depth of colour, as I go. These socks are for me. The unpredictable nature of the yarn is not a problem. Might say, it adds to the fun of knitting them. Continue reading


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