Dinosaur top and a shadow

TF’s dinosaur top is finished and being worn.

TF had fun adding the dinosaur paw prints onto the back. We used freezer paper to form the paw prints. There was much discussion about how many paw prints and where they should go.

Finally settled on the dinosaur walking up his arm to his shoulder and back down across his back.

TF used a big brush and fabric paint. He is a very thorough little chap and made sure that the paw prints were completely painted.

Towards the end of today, he became concerned. Would the paw prints wash away in the washing machine?

Its OK….. I hope.

I’ve ironed the paint, which should keep the paw prints fixed to the top.

With that matter settled, and in true Peter Pan tradition, TF went off to play with his shadow.

A boy and his shadow. Each with their own bow and arrow. What more could a four year old want?

They played together for a while. One moment watching each other’s back.

The next sworn enemies.

Until finally they ganged up on the photographer and brought the photo session to an abrupt end.

I’m OK, but my shadow has gone into hiding.

Crafting note: I love this method of adding more interest to a top. Especially on the back of a top. I can imagine that this would be a brilliant way to cover up hard-to-budge stains. Only one blob of paint in the wrong place, so a resounding thumbs up as a craft activity with the children. Yeh!

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  1. How fabulous, I shall have to show Imogen this – she will really enjoy doing something like that. She’s decorated clothes with fabric paint and pens before but as she’s now into the sewing too then this whole project would really appeal to her.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration as always x

    1. I should think Imogen will love combining fabric paint and sewing. This is one art work that can be displayed without the use of a fridge and magnets. 😀

  2. Great top! He did a swell job painting the prints 🙂 My son is dino mad too so I’ll have to show him this 😉 Love the pics of him playing with his shadow

  3. What a clever little boy, the top is fantastic, just right for shadow battling.

    Thanks for your comment on my last post Cheryl, I’m feeling much better about the whole situation today.
    lily x

    1. TF had so much fun. He’s reached the age where he knows how he wants to pose! Very funny. Not helped as our dog wanted to join in too. Lots of photos with a blurred dog in them. I decided not to share those ones!

    1. I tried lots of places like craft shops and art shops. In the end, I found it in our local quilting shop. I’m sure there must be online sources too.

  4. This is a great idea – my elder kids would love it! I’ve painted many a pillow case for gifts and they’ve always enjoyed watching….about time I let them join in! Thanks for the Summer holiday craft tip 🙂

    1. I like the idea of doing this on a pillow case. I think you’ve just repaid the favour and given us a Summer holiday craft activity too! 😀

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