Yo-yo cushion

yoyo suffolk puff cushion diagonalThere is something relaxing about arranging little pieces of fabric into a pleasing pattern. Over and over again. Different combinations give a different effect. I think I could easily lose hours arranging Suffolk Puffs (or yoyos, if you prefer). I have the same problem challenge with patchwork hexagons. I never know when to stop and get on with sewing them together.

yoyo suffolk puff cushion sideI’m not sure I would ever have finished this cushion unless there was a deadline. It’s true. Deadlines are the best friend of us procrastinators. Otherwise, there is too great a risk that everything would remain half finished forever.

yoyo suffolk puff cushion frontFortunately, not in the case of this cushion. It’s now all sewn up and gifted. Filled with stuffing and lavender flowers from the garden. With just a splash of local lavender essential oil. But, I could have played some more. I really could.

Never mind. I still have a bag full of Suffolk Puffs. Lots of different colours and prints. Just waiting to be arranged. Don’t hold your breath waiting for another finished piece though. I fear, I’m lacking a deadline.



  1. I can totally identify with that one! I even have a problem of even just weaving in the ends and photographing that crocheted project…..and so many more! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday! I have been dreaming of a coverlet made of yo-yos and once saw a great wall hanging wherein they were hot glued to a canvas and the effect was fantastic, so do keep that in mind!

    1. Very tempting, even though I love doing all the little stitches. It would finish the project quickly using a hot glue gun, one of my favourite crafting tools. Probably not the answer for anything going through the wash, but I love the idea of a wall hanging of fabric yo-yos. 🙂

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