I’m hooked.

pile of granny squares

When I look back over the last 5 years of my TimeToCraft blog, I can’t help counting up the number of new craft skills I’ve acquired along the way. By no means am I a master of all these crafts, but I can do them. I know how to, and with practise, who knows what I could achieve.

pink bowl

I’ve made passable pots on a potters wheel.

decorated felt bag strap detail

I’ve learnt to needle and wet felt. Both flat pieces, as well as 3-d.

needlefelt welsh dragon red

I’ve learnt to spin and turn raw fleece into yarn I can knit with.

jacobs brown on wheel

I’ve also added to my previous skills through different knitting stitches

knitted patchwork blanket in tree 2

and quilting.

hexagon patchwork quilt on swinging bench

…and probably some craft skills that I feel like I’ve known for ever.

In the last two weeks, I have conquered crocheting. You wouldn’t believe how many people have tried to teach me. The difference is that I really wanted to this time, and I put in the time to practise. I think I may be getting a little obsessed with crocheting. It seems once I cracked the first granny square, I kept on going.

granny squares so far

It is so easy to pick up my current square, or undo a mistake that I’m finding it a truly calming pursuit. I can even do it in the car. Obviously, not when I’m the one holding the steering wheel.

I’m not sure how many squares I’m going to make. Probably see how far the yarn will take me. I love the colours. They make my heart sing.

granny squares in the making

I love learning new craft skills. Practical ones the most. When the end product can be used (cover your ears Norbert the needle felted dragon). I have another very different craft skill to learn in the near future. One that’s been on my list forever. Truly excited about it!

In the meantime, I have three tops waiting on my sewing table at the moment. I really must make a start sewing them. Maybe just one more crochet round, and I’ll find my sewing scissors. Must make a start, but after I’ve finished this one last square, of course.

What is your favourite craft skill? Is there one you’d love to learn?

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