Greenhouse and merino carding

Blueberries are in flower and need a nifty trim by the looks of it!

We are spending most of our days outside at the moment. The children race around the garden, deep in their latest imaginative game and I potter from one area of the garden to another, taking in the greenhouse as I go.

I spent time pricking out brussel sprout seedlings, and also Sun Gold tomatoes. The children love both of these. I seriously cannot grow enough cherry tomatoes or cucumbers to keep up with demand. I dream of having a polytunnel, because my greenhouse is just not big enough anymore. The girls groan if we pass a polytunnel, because they know it will set me off again. “If I had a polytunnel, I could……”

I also put squash, courgette and pumpkin seeds in pots. I am trying the Russian Doll gourds again this year. They didn’t do too well in the grow bags, last year. Also they were too far away from the water butts, so I don’t think I drenched them enough. I love that I never stop learning when it comes to gardening.

It was not all play. AJ has been gradually hand carding a bag of fleece. All the children had a go, but it really is AJ’s project. Most of it is merino and is so beautifully soft. She wants to ask her hugely talented Grandma to help her in the spinning and then I will knit something for her. AJ has shown such determination that I  really hope  there will be enough for me to knit her a jumper.  Both of us couldn’t help thinking about Pelle’s New Suit. What with the blueberries flowering and the sheep fleece, we are obviously having a Elsa Beskow day.

2 thoughts on “Greenhouse and merino carding

  • Wednesday 14 April, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    The seeds growing look lovely …we were thawing nicely here with the roads clearing and some grass appearing…well brown stuff that will green up! unfortunately it is ‘were’ thawing . Woke to 15cm of snow and it’s still falling…

    I’ve never heard of Elsa Beskow..(but they have the book you mention at the library…now ordered) so a new author which is lovely..Thank you

    Have you read A New Coat for Anna by Harriet Ziefert ?

    What is AJ going to do with her fleece?

    • Wednesday 14 April, 2010 at 9:44 pm

      Val – thanks for the book suggestion. From the pages I saw on Amazon, it looks a sweet book, so I am adding it to my list. I think the girls will enjoy it.

      AJ hasn’t specified exactly what she wants to do with her fleece, but I think it is more about the journey than the end product. She has got as far as wanting to card it and spin it into yarn. She wants me to knit it, but is focusing on the making and not the wearing. I’m not sure how much it will yield, so probably best that she is open minded at the moment.

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