Which is the most popular craft?

Have you ever wondered which is the most popular craft? There are so many craft hobbies to choose from?

If you judged it by craft supplies in shops, I would have said knitting/crochet. I’m forever surprised by (and drawn to) the different kinds of shops that find room to slot a few shelves of yarn in. Supermarkets and motorway service stations included, but maybe I notice it more. I like knitting and crocheting, so I am attracted to yarn.

Maybe if I lived for painting, I’d be checking out the prices of watercolour paints in the tea rooms. Or the ornate cake decorations on show in the garden centre, if I dedicated myself to baking.

The range of craft magazines in the bigger newsagents give little clue either. There is a publication for everything if you look long enough. Specialising in different areas.

My choice of craft, depends on the season. I’m more likely to sew than knit in the summer. Anything to do with yarn gets very little attention in the warmer weather, unless it’s spinning. I know that will change when the first leaves start to turn, or the need of a small project to take on holiday. (Have you tried lugging a sewing machine or spinning wheel on holiday?)

At the moment, it’s all about fabric. Dresses this year. I’ve excelled (and surprised) myself, that I’ve made three dresses for me, and one for my daughter, in the last couple of months.

Next project is already in progress. Dressmaking. Another dress for me as you can see from the top photo.

(Latest finished dress. Photos to follow. Minus the eyes!)

I do like to sew. So I was curious when McCarthy and Stone posted up an interative map of the UK and a list of popular crafts per region. (The data nerd I am, loves it.) I’ll admit, I was surprised. Go and have a peep. Maybe it won’t surprise you.

It is all part of the Grandfest campaign. Encouraging others to share their skills (there’s even a crafting tip from me among a host of amazing crafters and bloggers). I love the idea of passing on skills. Learning something new. Very topical today, as our news in the UK includes talk of how keeping your brain active could help to prevent dementia in later life. Along with other lifestyle changes.

Maybe it’s time to pick up another skill. What new skill would you like to learn? Crafting or not, I’d love to hear.


2 thoughts on “Which is the most popular craft?

  • Thursday 20 July, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    I agree that my craft changes seasonally. I’m sewing lots at the moment but it changes to cross stitching as the evenings draw in. I hope to improve my crocheting. The interactive map was interesting. I was surprised to find painting was so popular in my area.

    • Friday 21 July, 2017 at 7:57 pm

      It was painting in my area too, but it does include areas like Cornwall, so I guess it fits.

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