Happy May Day!!!

We celebrated by making crowns for our very own May queens.

The maidens washed their faces in the morning dew.

Even the young master gave it a try.

Couldn’t notice any difference in the snail, but maybe you have to be a snail to notice!

We made garden goddesses as inspired by the fantastic Twig and Toadstool. (Thank you, guys.)

One will be put among the fruit trees in the orchard.

One is destined for the cherry tree and soft fruit area.

And the last one will be in the salad beds.

They were lucky to make it out of the house as the girls couldn’t stop cuddling them. Made me think of the early homemade dolls that would have been a little girl’s only play thing. Not like our modern soft, warm dolls.

We put the Well dressings out on the covered bench. It started raining soon after we had finished. I’d like to see that as a sign of gratitude and hope for a good harvest. For us, as well as the wildlife.

More May Day fun to be had on Monday. I can’t wait!!!!


  1. I especially love the photo of the giggling May Queens 🙂

    The goddesses are very cool. Hmmm … a future project perhaps.

    happy MAY day!

    1. Thank you, Marcia. Once the flowers were on, they just couldn’t keep a straight face. What is it about little girls and flowers in their hair!

      Oh they loved your Well dressings. BL hoped that you enjoyed making them.

      Happy May Day!

  2. These pictures are just precious! I absolutely love the ones of your girls wearing flowers in their hair.

    The garden goddesses are too cute – they came out great!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. The girls love activity time together, especially if we are crafting with nature. It is only limited by imagination…..

  3. I love your goddesses!!!!! I’m so happy that inspiration hit across the great Atlantic!!! I love the thought of your goddesses gracing your garden in the UK!!
    (where abouts are you in the UK?)
    Thank your for your comments and support!!!

    1. Hi Maureen – thank you so much for the idea. The girls have thoroughly enjoyed this activity and continue to watch over their goddesses. BL was trying to convince AJ that she saw one of them wink today, so I think they are more than fimo, wood and cloth to the girls. I’m looking forward to putting them among the trees and plants. We’re in Somerset, which is down in the south west.

    1. Maureen – we have rather a lot of these snails. You could say we are well blessed with them. My husband did suggest that we could box a few up for you and send them, but I have a feeling that there may be some animal/mollusc welfare issues with that idea!

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