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We've been blogging since January 2010.


AJ: 11 yo daughter

BL: 9 yo daughter

TF: 7 yo son

.... Gwinny: 8 yo
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We strive to be self sufficient. We love living in the countryside and enjoy nature. We'd rather be searching for beetles than shopping for shoes. We take inspiration from the nature all around us. We like to spread happiness and share our skills.

Just a thought….

"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."


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  • se7en I totally love this post... you are an absolute legend!!! Who on earth can make Dragon Wings over night, only you. I am in awe!!! 27 Jul
  • Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One They are totally fab! I know where to come for inspiration when these requests start coming my way. 26 Jul
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  • Crafting Mother (Shh! We did get out for a couple of trips in the week, but they were more practical than sheer fun.) 26 Jul

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Started 5th Jan 2013. Completed: 208-ish (sewing up!)

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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

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There have been cases when people lifted my photos and words, and used them without credit to me or asking permission first. Using them for their own commercial gain. I have now added a level of security to deter people from doing this. Apologies to people who do play nicely. If you would like to use any of my photos, please contact me.

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Dragon Wings

dragon wings flap

The note from school said that they were making dragon heads, but if parents would like to make dragon wings, they were more than welcome. This is the kind of note that a mother, that sews, loves. LOVES. My head filled with different design options. I mentally went through my craft supply cupboards deciding on the best materials.

dragon wings outside

” No thanks”

“What do you mean – no thanks?”

” I don’t want dragon wings. “

” Oh.” The shoulders of the sewing mother dropped.

dragon wings inside

Roll on to the evening after the dress rehearsal. He changed his mind. He’d seen his friends having fun with their wings. He did want dragon wings for the next day’s school assembly. In a mere 15 and a half hours time, which included some hours that I was hoping to grab some shut eye.

Paper out, pencil swirling, design made.

No. Wings had to be on the back, not flapping ones hanging from arms. Redesign. Hmm. Needs something to preserve the structure. Hope it will look like dragon wings and not butterfly ones.

dragon wings on back

I like a challenge. The clock was ticking.

17:30 The left over fabric from the bean bags I made, was hauled out. The stiffest dress interface net was dug out of the depths of the cupboard. Coat hanger tossed to one side and plastic canvas substituted.

(interval for eating, bathing and children put to bed.)

20:40 Dragon wings cut, pinned and sewn. Turned right way round. Hand sew the finishing edge begins.

21:36 Check for the right length of elastic on now sleeping child.

22:03 Wings finished. Rest on laurels.


07:34 Wings tried on. Flop. Centre of gravity wrong. Despite all attempts to rearrange.

07:41 Think

08:01 Change elastic to go over shoulders, rather than around chest. Sew it to the top of wings. Try again. Yes!

09:15 Assembly. Child has wings.


He is happy and I love a sewing challenge. Nothing new was bought for the project, so my stash has been usefully reduced. They are built to last and be played with. I hope the eye-defying fabric print and gentle droop from the top makes them look more like dragon wings than butterfly ones. To him they are dragon wings, so I guess that is all that counts.

(special thanks to daughter who modelled the wings for the top photos. School broke up earlier this week.)


Three is a magic number


One of the advantages of working from home is that, come the school holidays, the children can play while I work. Usually, I clear my desk for the start of the holidays, but it just wasn’t possible this week. I worked and they played.

zip wire

On the whole, they are happy to make up their own games. I’m not going to pretend that they always get on like a house on fire. Sometimes it works, and other times, I have to step in.

This afternoon, I finally got to the point, where I could down tools and join in with them. They voted for lunch out and a local play park.

zip wire trio

I was really struck by how they chose to play as a trio most of the time. Nicely too. Being an odd number, sometimes someone can be left out, but they involved everyone in the game today.


There was room to run and explore.

roundabout T

Sometimes, one of them would try out something on their own, but most of the time they ran around as a trio.

playpark fun

So I do think that three is a magic number.

By the end they were hot and sticky. Ready for a drink. While buying the drinks in a nearby shop, I also found the materials for an awesome fabric project that we have on our summer list. Very exciting.

Joining in with Fiona’s very clever #CountryKids linky. If you are after a little outdoor inspiration, I’d suggest you head on over.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


AlphabetPhoto:K is for keen


K is for keen.

After time spent buying uniform for the one child changing schools, we popped into a book shop …… or two, while names were embroidered on said uniform. Among the purchases, was a book on butterfly and moth identification.

Back home, the girls couldn’t wait to grab the net and butterfly house, and take them out to the meadow. Keen to improve their knowledge.

Linking up with Podcasts #AlphabetPhoto Linky.

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