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Eldest: 13 yo daughter

Middle: 11 yo daughter

Youngest: 8 yo son

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"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."


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  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) What a fabulous nature scavenger hunt. I love the photos by the river and the views across Bristol and using sticky-back plastic to make a... 30 Apr
  • Helena It sure is rather easy to rely on technology. Great to give yourself a break from it too once in a while. #wotw 30 Apr
  • Fiona Cambouropoulos That time alone with one is so special. I took Clio on my own to the woods the other day with the goat and that... 30 Apr
  • Stephanie Robinson Sounds a liberating week in many ways - and often it takes for something (or three things) to be missing to realise how big a... 29 Apr
  • The Reading Residence What a ten minutes! It's funny how much we do rely on these things yet don't really realise it. Hope your phone's OK now and... 29 Apr
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8 year old son

11 year old daughter

13 year old daughter

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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane


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Nature and Crafting in Bristol

bristol nature scavenger huntJust occasionally, it’s nice to take time out with just one of the children. Precious moments, making memories. Last weekend, I took Youngest to Bristol. We headed to Brandon Hill for a nature scavenger hunt, arranged by Muddy Puddles.

muddy puddles bristol scavenger huntWe were given a spotting sheet and a colour sheet, and set off to explore the area.oak leavesThe boy was on a mission. We ticked off quite a few on the spotting sheet. Some did stump us. No acorns, but we did count the oak flowers instead, so we ticked that instead. No problem finding cowslips and woodlice.cowslip and waterWe also collected leaves and petals, to match the colours on the other sheet.

brandon hill and squirrelSquirrels were not on either list, but they are so friendly in the area, that we had to say hello.

bristol nature scavenger hunt at Brandon HillThen at the end, we had enough collected leaves and flowers to arrange into patterns on the sticky sided plastic to make into a collage. He took great care putting this together. I’m afraid they didn’t stay quite in place when I manoeuvred the other side of the plastic over the top of them. We could have done with a few more hands to help.

view of Bristol from Cabot's TowerIt was a great day and he really enjoyed it. More than he thought he would. He had my full attention. I could target everything at his level, without him feeling he was in competition with his older sisters. I loved having time with him. It doesn’t happen often enough. They are running another one in June and already the boy has said that he wants to go. We’ll see.

nature collage
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Sharing. Good idea.

Ta Da! A daisy blanket ready for spring!

crochet daisy granny square blanket blue on swinging benchTa Da! It’s finished. My second, crocheted blanket. I’d hoped to finish it for spring and I have done just that.

Although, I have to say, working on the daisies in the middle of winter was odd. It made me wish the colder season away, that little bit faster.

crochet daisy granny square blanket blue on box hedgeI went for a blue, white and yellow colour scheme. I tried to add green, but it took some of the spring out of the daisies. Too dull.

The eagle eyed among you, may have spotted that not all the daisies are white. I added in three yellow flowers. Just randomly. The rebel, buried deep inside me, could not let this blanket be uniformed. Rows of white daisies seemed too ………factory made. So I added the yellow flowers. To buck the trend and break the mould.

In my own quiet way.

crochet daisy granny square blanket blue beside basketI did experiment with echoing the daisy petals on the border. It didn’t work. So instead, I crocheted two lines of white, one of yellow and two white ones again. In an attempt to give the impression of the daisies, without replicating the shape.

The blanket is not perfect. I can see areas, where I missed a bit, but that is OK with me. Already the children have wrapped themselves up in it and told me how much they love this new mama-made piece. I really cannot ask for more. Also the mistakes, miraculously disappear once draped around a child.

crochet daisy granny square blanket blue in basketIt’s ready for it’s first outing to the beach. Along with my first blanket, which is in daily use.

I used the same wool and joining technique as the first crochet blanket. The daisy pattern, may have morphed, but was certainly inspired by Tillie Tuilips daisy blanket . You can find it on my Crochet Inspiration board on Pinterest

Next blanket? I’m thinking bright, jolly colours. More summer themed, me thinks. I could do with a riot of colour. What do you think?

Sharing. Good idea.

Here I am: Tangled

tangled rootsI have nearly finished two projects. One crochet and one dressmaking. I’ll be able to share them soon. With the crochet, I’m sewing in the ends. Lots of ends, but I’ve grown to love this stage of the project as much as the actual crocheting. I’ve built up a pile of cut off yarn ends. They are making quite a mountain. Maybe more of a mole hill. Certainly a tangled mess!

Tangled seems to be a theme this week.

Tangled seems to be a theme this week. Not just finding tangled roots of a tree to admire, but life too. I like to think I live a simple life, but even I know I’m fooling myself. I’ve grown to rely on so much that it’s only when it goes AWOL that I wake up to the fact. I do rely on my car. I do rely on my mobile. I do rely on electricity.

For 10 minutes, this week, I was without all three. Not that I knew how long the electricity would be off at the time. The lights went dead. No phones. No internet. My car was in the garage and my mobile had died. I had no way of contacting anyone. What if someone needed me?

What if someone needed me?

It appears that my mobile has been playing up for a few days. I’ve been so busy, I didn’t realize. Happily texting to myself, as it turns out. My phone, email and text has become crucial to the way I run my life. Messages can be sent and picked up when convenient.

The schools use it as a main communication route. I’m running a project with a friend, at the moment. We use text a lot. I also use it to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs for after school clubs. I don’t like driving without taking my mobile with me. Just in case. Life runs smooth when my phone works.

People were probably texting me and wondering why I wasn’t responding. Or I was missing messages about kit needed for school the next day.

Back to the power cut. Of course, if the school needed to contact urgently, they still had my husband’s number. No bad thing as I couldn’t drive to pick children up. My car was at the garage. It made me realise how much I’ve allowed myself to rely on technology. Don’t get me started on how much I access through my computer. I couldn’t even check the electricity’s web site to see what the status was.

alpine purple flower

So I took a deep breath, realised I could do nothing and made a cup of tea (thank you, Aga). I sat outside with my crocheting, and watched the sparrows quarrelling on our roof. A noisy mob, indeed.

Tangled. Did people miss me in the 10 minutes? Who knows. Later, now knowing that my phone was dead, I emailed the people I usually text. Turns out they had been concerned by my longer-than-usual silence, but that’s sorted now. I have no idea if the children should have brought in wellies or empty yoghurt pots to school today. I’m sure they will cope.

Will I change anything?

Will I change anything? Probably not. I’d have to opt out and miss out, which is an overreaction. I do have a different perspective. I see how communication makes my life easier. Maybe knowing and understanding is one step towards simplifying it. Untangling myself.

I now see that the sparrows have a far harder time than me, I really have so little to complain about.

tail ends from crochet

Thought I’d bring back my “Here I am” postcode series for Wednesdays. A slice of life.

The Reading Residence

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Sharing. Good idea.