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Eldest: 13 yo daughter

Middle: 11 yo daughter

Youngest: 8 yo son

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"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."


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  • Craft Mother Absolutely a sign. I'd read it no other way. Especially if it is the last piece. Saves all the "who should eat it?" debate. 30 Nov
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8 year old son

11 year old daughter

13 year old daughter

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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane


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Big excuse to knit small

dog big knit hat innocent drinkMiniature knits are always fun. The joy of finishing a whole project in less than a couple of hours, cannot be underestimated. Especially when garments usually take weeks. No, a small knitted something, falling off the needles, is undoubtedly rewarding.

blueberry Innocent drink mini hats groupAlso not to be underestimated, is the fun of seeing the children find my latest, new, miniature woolly creation. {squeal}

animal big knit hats innocent drinkSo the Innocents Drink’s Big Knit project was just too much of a big excuse to knit small. It promised to use up some of my odd ends. A chance to be creative. And even better, help raise some money for a good cause, Age UK.

big knit hats Innocent Drinks groupI set myself the challenge of knitting a few hats in November. In my mind, I’d hoped I would knit 30 – one for every day of the month, but in the end I knitted 13 mini hats. Still good. I’ll package these hats up and send them off in the next few days. Giving them enough time to reach Age UK before the deadline.rabbit kangaroo big knit hatMy favourite? I don’t have one. They were each my favourite, whilst I was knitting them.

dog big knit hatI’ve noted down how to knit the dog hat. Partly as I know I’ll forget before next year. Partly as I’m quite pleased that I worked out how to do the ears, without resorting to sewing them on. At some point I’ll post it up here. Mainly as I know I’ll have mislaid my piece of paper with it all noted down on, before next year. Only to discover it a month later. It is … inevitable.


Eek! A mouse, at last. Kiss.

hershey kiss chocolate mouseFor years, I have seen images, around the internet, of edible mice treats made using Hershey Kisses and cherries. Even before Pinterest, I had the project bookmarked. Inspiring me to make a batch.

cherries and white chocolateExcept there was a problem. I couldn’t find the elusive Hershey Kisses. There didn’t seem to be an alternative. Not on this side of the Pond, and certainly not in sleepy Somerset. Without the all important Kiss, there really wasn’t much point making the mice. They were perfect for the head. making Hershey Kiss mice with cherries and white chocolateThen the other day, killing time while waiting for an after school club to finish, I wandered into Sainsbury.

I really did let out a “Whoop!” when I spied a packet of Hershey Kisses on a top shelf. They weren’t the dark or milk chocolate,that I’d seen, but I really wasn’t going to let that stop me. Not after all these years. Cookies and Creme would do nicely.

hershey kiss chocolate mouse in the making

So, this weekend, we made some. I used Belgian white chocolate which coated the cherries perfectly. Three learning points:

1. We found it best to dip the cherries in the chocolate and then rest them for a few minutes before attaching the heads.

2. Using a little of the melted chocolate to attach the flaked almonds to the Hershey Kisses and leave to set before attaching to cherries

3. Attach the head as if the mouse is looking slightly up. Stays on better.

hershey kiss chocolate mice in the makingAnd the verdict?

Simply. Delicious.

Fun to make and a great combination. We’ll be making these again. I think they would make lovely gifts or additions to a party table. Not that this batch will last beyond the morning.

Anyone else made these mice?


Getting into the Winter mode

homemade gingerbread with gold dustingYesterday was the first day that we woke up to a really heavy frost. Always so pretty. There was even a few flakes of snow in the air. There is nothing like a drop of temperature to encourage me to reach for some of my favourite Winter comforts. To warm the soul, as well as the body.

Step one – Gingerbread (recipe) not only tastes warming, but the kitchen is filled with the wonderful scent. The children love coming home to it. I couldn’t resist decorating the gingerbread with a little edible gold glitter. Making it that touch more special for the after school crew.

warming winter beef stew

Step 2 – put a warming winter stew in the slow oven to cook for a few hours. Colourful and tasty dish ready to serve up once every one was home. Youngest even had seconds.

winter wardrobe patterns

Step 3 – Winter coats. Time to dig out the winter coat I started to make last year. I’d forgotten I’d cut out a skirt from the surplus fabric. It’s cashmere and feels wonderful to work with. I’m hoping it will be a delight to wear too. The coat is half finished and the skirt will only take a couple of hours to sew up.

New coats for all the children. The days have gone when the coats could just be handed down to a younger sibling.

Adding time in the morning too, for hat and glove searching/matching/decision-making.

wood stove


Step 4: Chimney swept and first fire of the season in the log burner. Dogs are negotiating with each other over the best spot in front of the flames.

needle felted herdwick sheep head brooch 2 needle felted herdwick sheep head brooch

Step 5: Big Duvets – all the duvets on the beds have been swapped for higher togs. Although now the problem is getting the children up in the morning.

Slipped a bit of needlefelting in over the weekend. Following on from my Herdwick sheep success, I thought it would be fun to make a sheep’s brooch. I’m unsure about the finished product. The head turned out as expected. The problem came when I pinned it on. It looks like I’ve torn the head off a toy and pinned it to my coat. Once the thought was there, it was difficult to shake off.

My husband suggested adding front paws, to make it look like it was bursting through the coat. I’m not sure he’s taking this seriously.

Back to the drawing board on this one. Might need to make a body for the head. While I munch on a bit more gingerbread.

Are you getting into Winter mode?

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