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Three children *** Two dogs *** Two parents *** Country loving *** Cottage dwelling in the South-West of the UK. That's us!

We've been blogging since January 2010.


Eldest: 12 yo daughter

Middle: 10 yo daughter

Youngest: 7 yo son


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We strive to be self sufficient. We love living in the countryside and enjoy nature. We'd rather be searching for beetles than shopping for shoes. We take inspiration from the nature all around us. We like to spread happiness and share our skills.

Just a thought….

"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."


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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

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There have been cases when people lifted my photos and words, and used them without credit to me or asking permission first. Using them for their own commercial gain. I have now added a level of security to deter people from doing this. Apologies to people who do play nicely. If you would like to use any of my photos, please contact me.

Copyright notice:

All my words and photos are copyrighted to me. They cannot be used for commercial benefit by anyone else. If you would like to use any of them, then please ask me first and don't just take. Written permission only. Don't pass my words, photos or ideas off as your own. It's not nice.

AlphabetPhoto: C is for…

needle felted candlemas imbolc candle

It’s running up to Candlemas or Imbolc (2nd Feb), which marks the half way point through winter. I’ve been working on a particular seasonal crafting project, with a colourful note to it. The needlefelted candle is just part of it. I couldn’t resist adding a face. A cheeky face, I hope. He’s not quite finished yet. Some projects can’t help but take on a life of their own.

I made him yellow, like beeswax, and to add a glow in his own right. I remember reading that churches used only to burn beeswax candles. Tallow candles being too smokey and smelly. I’ve noticed that when we light our hand-dipped beeswax candles, they drip less than shop bought candles, so I wonder if that was another reason.

Joining in with PODcast’s #AlphabetPhoto. My C is for candle. Hope he brightens your day too!


Celebrating the season…..mud

needlefelting yellowI’m all for celebrating the seasons through craft. I love to embrace the colour, themes and light throughout the changing year, but….you could hear that coming, right?……mud season really challenges me.

jacobs brown on wheel

There is less light, there’s bare earth, bare sticks… and mud. Brown seems to grab more of its share at this time of year. Give it it’s due, it’s not just one shade. There are many shades, but it is still brown.

red berries in JanuaryBefore you shout, yes I know there are other colours out there. I spend my time outside photographing them at every opportunity I have. It’s just that brown is influencing my crafting choices at the moment.

jacobs sheep homespun chunky yarnI’m spinning up a Jacobs sheep fleece. Separating out the brown and the cream. Trying to make it chunky, when I’d rather be spinning it fine, because this project needs thick wool. The unevenness will not show by the time I have finished.

knitting up jacobs sheep chunky yarnFortunately, Eldest has decided that she is the queen of carding, so she prepares the wool, while I spin and knit it. She can roll a mean rolag, ready for spinning. The finished homemade item will be hers. I’m getting through the project faster with her help and enthusiasm.

But it’s the brown. Concentrating on it for so long, can become a little too much, at this time of the year.

Oh, how I’m yearning bright colours.

(bury head in colourful wool)

wool for felting colourfulSo sneaking in a truly colourful needlefelting project ready for Candlemas/Imbolc next week. A riot of colour always lifts the spirits.

Now, that does feel better!


AlphabetPhoto: B is for…

bee hive

I took this photo a couple of years ago, but beekeeping keeps on occupying my thoughts at the moment. This hive belongs to a friend and not like any other one I’ve seen. (the hive, not the friend!)

Everything about beekeeping seems to fit with our lifestyle. The idea of cooking with honey instead of sugar, using the wax for candles and pollinating the fruit trees. Not forgetting my passion for bugs!

I really should take the plunge.

Joining in with Podcast’s #AlphabetPhoto. My b is for beekeeping. Are you joining in?

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