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AJ: 12 yo daughter

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We strive to be self sufficient. We love living in the countryside and enjoy nature. We'd rather be searching for beetles than shopping for shoes. We take inspiration from the nature all around us. We like to spread happiness and share our skills.

Just a thought….

"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."


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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

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The Eden Project and Dinosaurs

the biodomes

Up until this week, I was probably among a small band of people in this country, who had not been to the Eden Project. It’s true. For a family who strive to be self sufficient, make do and mend, and reduce/reuse/recycle, it is an obvious place to visit. This week, I took the children for a last few days away, before the school term starts. The Eden Project was top of my list.

Bee at Eden

It did not disappoint. The planting is amazing. The thoughtful exhibits. The aim to educate. The scale is big.

dinosaur moving

My excitement was shared by the children too. At 7 years old, TF was most looking forward to the dinosaur exhibition.  He had talked of little else running up to our visit. There was no way we would be allowed to visit anything else before the dinosaurs. So that’s where we started.

As we waited to see the dinosaurs, information boards lined the route. I liked the way that they included bite-sized information that helped to communicate the mind boggling time scales. I will never tire of hearing the children say “I didn’t know…..”.

digging for dinosaurs

There were other dinosaur related activities. We stuck to one, as there was so much to see in the rest of the Project. TF and BL had a go at chipping away and excavating a dinosaur. In the past,we have been on several fossil hunting expeditions, but this was on a bigger scale.


Next up we headed for the Mediterranean Biodome. Having lived in this region, I really enjoyed spotting familiar plants. TF, however, was still on the look out for the missing dinosaur, that could be spotted wandering around.

dinosaur and sunflowers

It took a while to find her, but we did.


To say TF was thrilled, would be an understatement. There was quite a crowd and we did lose him, as he took his camera into the thick of it. I’m not sure how many other people managed to film the inside of the dinosaur’s mouth, but he did, along with the dinosaur’s whole walk through the area. Nor will many people have footage of themselves stroking the snout of the beast. I see a future camera man in the making.


I loved seeing the bougainvillea in the Med area. It used to grow around our front gate. It was so beautiful that wedding parties would have their photos taken in front on it. We used to joke that our dog barking, on the other side of the gate, must have appeared in lots of couple’s wedding albums. It was lovely to see the plant on such a grand scale again. We spent time talking about the difference between a bract and a flower.

flowers sweet pea

We loved our visit. I’ll write more in another post, as there is too much to fit into one. One of those days, when the number of miles you walk is more than you think. The children loved it, were fascinated and learned so much. Me too. I’m glad we finally made it.

Linking up with the as always inspiring Fiona, over at Coombe Mill, #CountryKids.




AlphabetPhoto: P is for patchwork

sewing the patchwork

I’ve been making good progress on my latest hexagon patchwork. Out of the 39 patchwork flowers I need to make, I’ve completed 24. Most of the hexis were ready to use. Some had to be cut out of half made patchworks, that I had abandoned. Some had to be cut out and made.

I took a short cut making the new ones. When I made my original hexis, I took months to tack the fabric on to the paper template. This time, I’m using a special glue. Much quicker. I’ve used it before. When the hexi is sewn in, the paper template pulls out cleanly.

All the fabric, so far, is either recycled, or left over from dressmaking projects.


Linking up to #AlphabetPhoto over at PodCast. Today my P is patchwork.

(First time I’ve used my tripod with the delayed shutter release. My chance to be behind my camera and in front of it at the same time.)


Crazy Golf

spiral crazy golf

Yesterday. Our third crazy golf of the Summer. This one really does deserve the title of crazy, although it called itself adventure golf. I’m not arguing.playing crazy golfThe 18 holes were well thought out. Some holes were surprising. Some were more difficult than others, taking longer. Often pirate themed statues were near the start of these ones, which entertained the children while we waited for the previous party.

pulling boat at crazy golf

The biggest difference, with this course, was the water. Fitted well with the pirate theme and the children loved it. A couple of the holes could only be reached by boat.

pulling boat at crazy golf group

And often the golf ball would end up in the water. Not sure all of these were accidents, where the children were concerned. Good job that so many nets were strategically placed around the course, to allow the children to retrieve the balls from the drink. Ah-ha, ma hearties!

playing crazy golf1

Everyone agreed that it was good entertainment. Took us about an hour and a half to get round. I think the pirate music would have sent me nutty if I worked there, but I guess it added to the atmosphere. A good excuse to get outside.

Details: Pirate Bay Adventure Golf, Hanham, Bristol.

Not a sponsored post in any shape or form. Just sharing!

Joining in with Fiona over at Coombe Mill #CountryKids. I’m a bit late!


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