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Eldest: 12 yo daughter

Middle: 10 yo daughter

Youngest: 7 yo son


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Just a thought….

"A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe."


Hello World

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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane


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Dragon Cookies

st davids day childrens craft activity dragonI am a firm believer that crafting is a great way to teach. One of my children learns best through tactile learning (Kinaesthetic Learning), making crafting a perfect choice for projects at home. All the children still talk about ruins and erosion within the context of our castle cookies we made a few years ago.

welsh dragon cookie cuttingWhen we celebrate the seasons, I like to set up a project for them. As a big fan of St David’s Day, this year I thought we would make dragon cookies. As with our dragon cake, we used the dinosaur and moon cookie cutters. This time we used a small crimped cookie cutter on the edge of the wings to add a webbed effect.

assembling welsh dragon cookies

The cookie recipe is the rainy day cookies from Nigella Bites book.

welsh dragon cookies in flight formation

It gave us an excuse to discuss why the dragon is red and why it appears on the Wales’s flag.

red icing on the welsh dragon cookies

I was tempted to slip one white dragon in just to re-enact the battle, but the children were happy with red, so red it was. (It would have been fun though, wouldn’t it?)

st davids day childrens craft activity

We spooned the red icing on. Also tried the flooding method, but outlining the shape with thicker icing too, but it took a lot longer.

welsh dragon cookies

Once the icing had set, we added details with icing writing pens. Each dragon being slightly different. One poor dragon lost his wing and leg. With so many fierce dragons around, I guess it was inevitable.

eating welsh dragon cookie

In the end, they all met their maker (or one of the rest of the family) and very nice they were indeed.

I made more cookie dough than we could use in one session, so I’m sure a few more dragons will be made this weekend. Running up to St David’s Day on Sunday. Maybe I’ll sneak a few white dragons in to the mix. Facing the other way, ready for battle. Just to act out the story, of course. I can’t resist a chance for an interactive story telling moment.


AlphabetPhoto: G is for Glare


From my desk, I can look out into the garden. I can see the bird feeders, which are often covered with a variety of little birds. Unsurprisingly, the local sparrowhawks also know about our peanut snack bars. This week, I’ve spotted this fine fellow perched on the same fence post, a few times. From there, he/she can see not only our feeders, but those of our neighbours.

I used my telephoto lens to shoot this photo through our double glazing. The wind was buffeting him relentlessly, to the point where he had to alter his body position desperately just to keep on his perch.

He is turning into such a regular visitor, that I might set my camera up on a tripod and throw the window open. It feels like a challenge.

Linking up with PODCast’s #AlphabetPhoto linky. I love seeing everyone’s choice for each letter. Not too late to join in, if you would like to. My G is for glare. Nothing like the glare of a bird of prey. Nothing.


But I don’t have a dragon cookie cutter!

dragon welsh cakeExperimenting with dragons again. Using food this time. Created at speed, as so often happens when crafting with enthusiastic children.

how to make a welsh dragon cake top

Never one to be put off by not having the right cookie cutter, I devised my own. A dinosaur and the moon put together to make a dragon. Might tinker with this combination a bit more, which sounds like a darn good excuse to do a bit more baking. Like I needed one. I want something that is easy to replicate and the children can do. Whatever their age. Expect a few more welsh dragons ready for St David’s day.


Hula Hooping

children playing hula hoop

What do you get if you provide a bunch of hula hoops to a group of cousins, and then open the door to the outside? Simple. Laughter and giggles.

hula hooping outside

Add a bit of music into the mix and everyone is having so much fun, they don’t notice that they’ve been outside hula hooping for over an hour.

children playing hula hoop 2

And it’s not just for children. Grown-up sisters can benefit from time spent hula hooping together. Restorative.

hula hooping

Lots of fresh air and exercise.

hula hoop racing

Much innovation too. Who knew that it is possible to race and hula hoop at the same time?

multipe hula hooping

Multiple hoops. Dancing hands. Swirling, looping, laughing. Recording of funny moves.

cousins sharing

Time spent hula hooping outside with family was exactly what we needed. Thank you big sister for suggesting it. We had fun.

son hula hooping

Linking up to Fiona’s #CountryKids linky.

P.S. In case you are wondering, the hoops are weighted which makes them easier to use. Especially for adults. A different experience from trying to using a child’s hula hoop. Slower and more meditative. Much easier to keep them going for a long time.

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