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|Wood pigeon breakfasting on apple blossom.

Second week of the Easter holiday is almost over. It’s felt like something was missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I finally figured it out. This is the first school holiday where only one of the children has been here during the day and even then, he’s been out most days. It hasn’t felt like a holiday. It’s too quiet. I’m missing the noise.

This summer, they will all be here and I’m looking forward to it. I love having a bustling household. The to-ing and fro-ing. The chatter and laughter coming from another room. It’s amazing how, with even just one of them missing, let alone two, the house is so quiet.

It strikes me that we are on our way to empty nesting, but like most parts of parenting, it builds up slowly. I always imagined that it would suddenly happen. We’d go from having our hands full to twiddling our thumbs overnight. It doesn’t work that way. We are eased into it, barely aware of it happening. Tiny glitches momentarily jolting the flow, making us aware and reminding us to enjoy the moment. One day they will be gone, just not yet.

Bat Abbey


I managed to round up two of them to go shopping in Bath. They are surprisingly good shoppers together. Referring to each other before making the final decision.  I’m not sure they really needed me there, except for transport, paying for lunch and general navigation. A relatively inexpensive day for me, although I couldn’t resist going into Toppings the bookshop and buying something. They came home with new outfits, which they seem more than pleased with.

It was a lovely day and I’m enjoying the shift to shopping with adult/almost adult children.

Forget me not - not missing


Once every so often, we go to Costco, so I can bulk buy certain foods. Cooking from scratch and then batch cooking means that it’s easier and cheaper for me to bulk buy. Plus there is a lot less packaging. I don’t like food shopping, so doing a big shop like this is perfect for me. Head down and trolley in hand, I know exactly where I’m going. The layout hasn’t changed much in all the years we’ve been going. I can buy big bags of flour and pasta, large box of laundry products and racks of tinned food, in no time at all. Also the meat works out cheaper, if I buy the right packets.

This weekend, we went. For almost a year, they haven’t stocked my usual Continental chocolate chips which I was really missing. I try to avoid buying over processed treats, by making all the sweet treats at home. Cakes, ice cream, granolas, puddings etc. Also cuts it down, as there are only so many hours of the day I can bake. I use chocolate in a lot of these treats. I can buy a 2kg bag, that lasts me ages and costs two thirds of the ones you can get in the supermarket. My usual chocolate chips were there, this time. I almost did a dance of joy, right there in the aisle, when I saw them.

Yes, I know. I need to get out more, but I assure you, this chocolate is worth it.

Not missing the lilac

Anyway, that’s shopping done for another month, so I’m happy. I far prefer cooking to shopping. I’ve started to process it into meals for the freezer and have a few weeks worth of lasagne and sweet and sour chicken already. All I need is fresh veg and dairy, which I can get locally.

Blocking the jumper


A couple of months ago, I finished a jumper for a grand nephew. It’s been left on the side, as I needed to block it and send it off. My usual makeshift, diy blocking board was missing on other duties, so I decided to buy a proper blocking set. It will be easier to store and works perfectly.

Probably should explain. Blocking a finished knitted piece means that it will lie flat and the pattern will show. Particularly important for lacey knits, but my cable will benefit from it too. It also stretches it to the desired shape and size, which is more important for me as I suspect the little chap has grown in the time I was procrastinating.

This set uses interlocking foam pads and special pins to keep the damp knitting in place, while it dries.

Next stage is to brave putting it in the mail. Wish me luck.

The flock following me around the garden. No chance of them missing anything.
The flock following me around the garden. No chance of them missing anything.

Thank goodness it’s the weekend. My list of things to do is growing and I’m looking forward to crossing them all off. Fingers crossed for good weather. I always find it easier to get everything done when the sun is out.

Apple blossom

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  1. The school holidays are strange when your kids get older. I do miss the days out and fun activities that we would used to do. They have grown up far too quickly.
    It sounds like a good shopping trip to bath and I love a trip to Costco! x

    1. Exactly! It’s the days out and activities. We still do some, but it’s so very different. Although at the same time, I’m glad we’ve moved on. Got to love a trip to Costco!

  2. I don’t mind blocking, and I know it makes a difference but I do wish it wouldn’t take up so much room. I have those interlocking boards too. As for the empty nest. I can’t seem to get rid of any of mine. So, I’m always offering my kids to anyone who’s feeling lonely. They don’t talk much much, but they eat loads and make a ton of mess. The washing basket is always overflowing. I’m still dreaming of that little one bedroom cottage by the sea. 🙂

    1. I think the empty food cupboards and overflowing wash baskets is something we both have in common. I quite like both tasks but a break would be nice. Your idea of a cottage by the sea is sounding good. Whitewashed stonework and geraniums in terracotta pots on the doorstep. 😀

  3. Mine are still here and not likely to go anywhere.. maybe I should do as Anne suggests and hire them out.. LOL! I too have done the “Yay! they have the *insert product here* back in stock” dance.. It’s not sad…

    1. Thank you for understanding my joy. I’ve always told the children that they can stay for ever, but I don’t think they’ll take me up on the offer. Ah well. I’m enjoying the now.

  4. Well, I do hope the sweater goes out sooner rather than later. I get the gist of what you mean by blocking but I can’t say I’ve done it before. The colour and pattern are lovely. When the empty nest phase was coming up for me, I actually rejoiced, lol. I can’t wait to see how they turn out and also get my life back to myself. I know the exact dance move you mean… it’s a good feeling.

    1. I think it’s definitely one of the best parts of parenting, seeing them grow into their own people. What they like and what they want to do. I wouldn’t miss out on it for the world. Up to now I haven’t bothered blocking when it’s just for me, but I do when it’s going to someone else. Like Anne says, it takes up a lot of room, but is worth it.

  5. It must have felt very strange with the house being so quiet during the holidays. Sounds like you had a lovely time shopping in Bath and glad you managed to get your favourite chocolate chips in Costco. Love the photo of the forget-me-nots – my garden is full of them at the moment and I love seeing them. I love the jumper you made. Hope that it fits your grand nephew. #project365

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