Mobile – my word of the week

Hero the deerhound in front of cottage. Laid out flat. Not mobile

This week has been a very active week and I can’t say I’m complaining. I’ve tried new things, which have definitely made me happy. After years of taking the children off to various activity classes, finally it’s my turn. I can be more mobile.

Mobile has cropped up in so many ways this week, with more than one meaning. Oh and in case you are wondering, that’s Hero enjoying the sun and proving that not the whole family is constantly on the move.


This week, Middle Daughter and I joined a gym. We’ve been three times already and we are loving it. Why did I leave it so long to join?

We also went to our first grown up yoga class, which was so good.  I took all the children to younger versions when they were under 10, but this was a bit more focussed on adults. Lots of stretching and balancing. By the end, I certainly felt more mobile. I haven’t been to any kind of exercise classes since probably school. We’ve booked in for yoga next week too.

Although there was one low micro second, when I  looked at the floor to ceiling mirrors and was brought up short. A reminder on why I’m not so mobile as I could be. Goodness! Those mirrors pull no punches. It’s OK. I got over it fast.

A positive knock on effect of all this exercise is how cheerful these sessions make us. There is definitely a spring in our steps, that lasts all day. I think we are both sleeping better and feeling more positive. Dopamine is in full swing and I can’t wait to go next week.


I realise that I’m using my (mobile) phone more to organise myself and less to doom scroll. With being more active, I want to know how it’s helping me to be fitter, so I dug out my old fitness tracker. I stopped wearing it when the screen went blank. A common problem apparently, but apart from the screen, it had not stopped working, so I linked it to my phone and I can read my progress on there. Not so convenient. It may be time to get a new one, but for now it is good.

( I know my children will try and correct me for using mobile instead of phone, but it is my word this week and I’m old school. Heck! I was born before mobiles were invented. I used to teach coding to the people who wrote the programs to make the phones work. Before they even had apps. I reckon I’ve earned the right to call it whatever I want.


Moving on…)

I can also book classes through an app on the mobile. The exercise classes are available to book seven days ahead, so I find myself checking every night to see what to try next.

Chive flowers. Easier to photograph with no wind. Not mobile


Exercising my brain, this time. I do Duolingo on my mobile. Current, and only streak, is 775 days, which I’m pretty pleased with. I switch between learning French and Italian.

Lastly, it is a way to communicate with family. I seldom use it as a phone, but it makes it easier to send a text message to Eldest Daughter, who is almost on the other side of the planet and lots of time zones away.

Just one more use. I can’t ignore that I use the mobile for photographs a lot too. An awful lot! It’s so much easier to carry around and less conspicuous than my camera.


We’ve not been the only active ones this week. Youngest Son survived his weekend of walking and camping. They seem to have a good experience. All the practise walks are over and he’s been selected for the team. Only six of them can go, which seems a shame. I did joke with him that it felt more like he was being picked for a space mission. I imagine their photos being up in school, where they’re all wearing space suits.

Who knows, maybe one day.

Well, that’s my week. A definite spring in my step, albeit aching body, thanks to all the exercising and support of my not-so-fancy mobile.

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  1. I’m so glad the gym is working out for you. I used to do yoga, ironically I used to be hypermobile like the rest of my family. Now I can’t even bend to pick something up off the floor or reach into the cupboard…it’s kind of crazy! I use my mobile a lot, as a diary, to play Hay Day, to connect with others. I’m not a fan of Whatsapp, and very little X but I do like Threads. I’m not very mobile, until it comes to that little device in my hand, thanks for giving me that mindset. I think I’m as mobile as Hero in your first pic, lol.

    1. It is amazing how indispensable the mobile has become. The alternatives are disappearing and we have less choice. Apps really are taking over. I did enjoy the yoga. Mobility later on worries me. I know a few inspirational older women and they all do yoga and are very elegant still, so I’m hoping it will help me too. I can imagine that not doing what you once could do, would be very frustrating. Mobile at least in one sense.

  2. Your rant about what to call mobile phones made me smile. I agree with you by the way! I used to go to a gym mainly because it had a swimming pool but it was expensive and life kept getting in the way so I cancelled it. Hero looks very content! Mobiles…Phones.. have a multitude of uses some I find helpful others not so much but I do like the camera on mine and use it more than my conventional camera.

    1. It is the convenience of using the phone’s camera. I always have it with me. I do like my big camera, but I only take it when I’m sure I’ll be taking photos. Mobile or phone is definitely a generational difference. They’ve grown up not needing to differentiate between the phone physically attached to the house and the one you can carry around. It is the one and only phone that matters. And to think we used to wait until after 6pm to phone friends on the landline.

  3. It looks like Hero is really enjoying the sun!!
    Well done on joining the gym. It sounds like you are really enjoying it. It sounds like it is really having a positive effect on you.
    hahaha! I sometimes call my phone my mobile and my girls look at me like I’m mad. x

    1. We were used to differentiating between mobiles and landlines. Only one kind of phone in their eyes now. The gym turns out to be a good solution for me. I’m enjoying going.

  4. I’m happy you’re loving being more mobile. Well done. I rely on my mobile and awful lot too. No games or gimmicks but things like keeping touch and mobile banking are important to me. Hope next week with all the promised sunshine will be lovely again for you.

    1. They have become indispensable. Alternatives are disappearing. Our last telephone box in the village, that I know of, has been turned into a book and toy swap. I was heartened to see two people reading real books in the last waiting room I was in, rather than the usual doom scrolling.

  5. Glad you’re enjoying going to the gym with Middle Daughter and that the exercise has helped put an extra spring in your step too. Well done on your Duolingo streak. I use it too – currently learning French, Dutch and Welsh. I use my phone more than my camera for photos too. Glad your son enjoyed his weekend of walking and camping and well done to him on being picked for the team. #WotW

    1. Welsh is next on my list to learn. Eldest has started learning Dutch and really likes it. She found it close to English. I’m enjoying my fitness routine, which has to be a good sign!

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