Straw….berry fun

As if we need anything else to encourage the children to eat strawberries! If we had a magically filling strawberry bowl, my children would eat little else.

One thing I have noticed is that a little bit of strawberry is left, by the children, around the leafy top. Seems a waste, so I was intrigued when I saw this idea to use a straw to hull a strawberry. (Apologies, but I really cannot remember where I first saw it.). I usually use my thumb nail to remove the leaves, but it soon hurts if I’m preparing lots of strawberries for jam. This way is quick and easy.

Push the straw through the strawberry, starting at the bottom of the strawberry, and out pops the leaves, or strawberry hats as we call them, with the core of the strawberry. Once the berry is eaten the core can be nibbled off and nothing but the leaves are left.

Hold the straw up to your mouth and just a little bit of juice falls out. Perfectly yummy! The children love it. I see chocolate or cream piped into this hole. Maybe a lollipop stick and then the strawberry dipped in chocolate and rolled in ground almonds…….

How do you like your strawberries?


    1. I’m the same. It’s a rare day when strawberries get more than a wash before they are eaten in our house. 😀

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