Sharing learning (or This is how ideas grow)

One of the many aspects that I love about blogging is that we can share ideas. We can gather and share inspiration with people who we would not meet in the normal way. I know I find so many ideas from some wonderful blogs, which I am so grateful for.

It is completely thrilling for me,when someone finds inspiration from something that I’ve posted and runs with it. Just as Phyllis has over at All Things Beautiful. She is sharing her family’s version of a maths game AJ made up. I love the idea that her boys have put their own stamp on the game. I think that it is a crucial part of this type of game that the children make it and adapt it to suit them.

Every time I go to Phyllis’s blog I learn so much. Its so wonderful to pass something back to this very talented lady.

Go and look at their game board. Just perfect. Now why didn’t we think of that…..


  1. You are way too sweet! It was coming up with the original idea that was the bulk of the work. We just tinkered and played and changed and had a lot of fun (and learned a lot) and tinkered and changed it some more. You are so right -without your sharing, we would never have had all that fun because we would never have come up with the idea. You have so blessed us with your generosity.

  2. Oh I love All Things Beautiful!!! I love the projects her kids do and they have the cleverest, most inspired mom who is just full of ideas!!! Have a great day!!!

    1. Its not just the children. I learn so much every time I visit. Her web site is bursting with fabulous learning ideas. 🙂

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