Bluebell Flower Children

These little flower children are en route to their new homes. One to Holland, one to Canada and three to US. They left on Friday. To fellow swappers in the Wee Wooden Folk Exchange.

The little felted hats may look familiar. The shawls are knitted from the left over wool I used for pumpkin hat leaves.

The little fimo ladybirds are called Lily Puddle Two-spots and always accompany my little dolls. Where ever they go. Inspiration for the dolls came from our annual bluebell walk.

If I had known how difficult it would be to position a group of flower holding wee folk, then I may have insisted that they left their flowers in a corner.

They tangled. They wobbled each other over. They landed in a giggling heap. Hmm.

Finally they had to start their journeys to other countries. So far away, but each ready for their own adventure.

There is a sixth little flower child who has stayed with us. To spend time on our seasons table.

(or in the doll’s house or snug in a little girl’s pockets or riding in a little boy’s toy tractor…..)


  1. Oh I love love love these!!! They are so clever, very lucky recipients! Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers. We have some beautiful woods round here. I am so looking forward to seeing the gorgeous blue carpet they form. Not long to go now!

    1. Thanks liz. The bluebell leaves are standing proud in our woods already. Not wanting to wish the time away, but I’m still looking forward to seeing the carpet of bluebells.

    1. Look forward to seeing your flower girls. I’m loving looking at the gallery, at everyone else’s creations. Such imagination.

    1. Thanks se7en. I had far too much fun making them. Children made their own, which I’ll post up later. I’m sure you will have a fun packed weekend!

    1. Thanks abbie. Never work with pipe cleaner flower stems. Very like dominos. Animals and children are much easier.

  2. Oh they are lovely, I’ve not seen the blank wooden dolls with that lovely shape – wonderful, do you mind me asking where you get them?.
    Bluebells are one of my favourite things to see, ours are standing proud and if you peek down the flower spikes are emerging so can’t wait to see them in full colour. Looking forward to a local annual bluebell walk event soon too x

    1. I got them from They have the best range of sizes and shapes at a decent price, that this country mouse could find. I do need to warn you that Pandurohobby also supply lots of wonderful craft supplies, which are very, very tempting. Unsurprisingly, I bought more than the doll blanks. Very easy to gain inspiration…… and then go mad. Myriad has some doll blanks but not the range and they work out more expensive.

      We’re looking forward to our bluebell walk. The children keep on going and checking on the flowers’ progress. I love their updates!

      1. Oh, thank you for the link … dare I click on it though it may cost me ;). I think the Myriad ones are a bit expensive too, can’t remember where I got the ones I have from but they are simpler shapes – straight or a-line ones, so thanks will check the website out.

        1. I hope you won’t be blessing me, after visiting the site. Their prices are reasonable. Its just that they have so much inspirational stock! Probably a good job that it isn’t a bricks and mortar shop, because at least I do review the basket before checkout. Not so easy to do that when I can see the goodies for real. Hope you find something good.

    1. Thanks Luciana. I was lucky to get these out of the house. I think the whole household fell in love with them. I had about 10 inches of green wool left when I finished the shawls. A close run thing!

  3. I LOVE your bluebell people – sooo cute, and their flowers are fabulous.
    How funny – we also sent our wee wooden folk off with a ladybird friend 😀

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