October Yarn Along

Major excitement this week, as I managed to finish something for me to wear. I cannot remember how long it is since that happened. My blue raglan jumper fell off my needles this weekend and I absolutely love it.

Obviously, if you look at the photo, you can tell it needs a block. A bit wrinkled, to say the least. Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t wait to wear their new knits, but promise themselves solemnly that they really will block it soon?

(Reader, it has been several days. ahem.)

The pattern was King Cole 3755. It was an easy knit, which didn’t take too much concentration. I had a notebook to mark down the decreases, but the rest was knitted on auto pilot. Just what I needed as I adapted to the ever changing year that 2020 has turned out to be.

The yarn was also King Cole. Seems I’ve turned into a bit of a fan. It is so soft and lovely to knit with. This one is 4ply merino blend, which came on a cone instead of all the individual balls. Cuts down the need to play yarn chicken as I approached the 50g mark.

The yarn is soft and non-itchy to wear. No mean feat when it’s 100% wool. I can put it in the washing machine and run the woollen cycle, with no ill effects. I’m tempted to buy another cone in a different colour as this jumper is going to be exceedingly useful. Selfish knitting, I know, but none of the rest of the family want knitted jumpers, although they have requested socks, so it may have to wait.

Book wise, I’m busy planning my autumn planting. I must get my order in soon. I love reading all the descriptions and heading down rabbit holes of discovery. I’ve also dug out my Mini Knitted Christmas book, as I’ve been looking forward to making a few more decorations. Needs to be done before the busy season. Hopefully, next month there will be a few festive bits and pieces to share. I’ve also dug out my copy of The Last Days of Pompeii. It was one of my favourite books when I was a teen. I probably won’t have time to read all of it, as it’s a bit heavy going, but I like to dip in and read a few chapters. A few hours of escapism.

Nothing on my needles as yet. To keep my fingers busy in the meantime, I am slowly getting my crochet blanket together. I started to join them together, but didn’t like the arrangement, so undid it again. I have a plan now. Fingers crossed, this blanket may well be in use before the end of autumn.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along. What are you knitting? Is it something Christmassy? Am I allowed to mention Christmas yet? Too late, I have!


  1. Oh, you are SOOOOO smart….obviously you began that sweater long before the cool temps hit, and now you have a lovely new jumper to wear. Me? I wait until the first cold spell….decide THEN that I’d like a new sweater, and am usually finished with it by the time warm temps come along in the spring. By the next autumn…it’s been kicking around in the closet so long, it doesn’t seem new at all….and the cycle begins again!!!

  2. Totally guilty of the “I’ll block it I promise!” thing–I made several Carbeths two winters ago and wore them a couple times before blocking! But I did block them, promise!!

    Great make–super useful, lovely yarn. Can’t go wrong with a basic raglan pullover! Lots of possibilities for adding texture in future iterations too!

  3. Cheryl! Oh! I’ve missed checking in with you! I love the sweater. It looks so nice and cozy. And wool that isn’t itchy? Bonus! As for reading and holiday time, I must get busy getting everything done and things made. I do have a lot of classes (that I’m teaching) that deal with holiday themed crafts so there’s always that. But I do recall having a Christmas book on mini-knits and maybe some cute sweaters strung up on a piece of twine for the mantel is just the thing for this year! we’ll see.

  4. I love your new jumper, you are so talented. I’m yet to make some clothing. The most exciting thing I’ve made to date is a hat and scarf! Haha.
    Have a great week. x

    1. You make me blush! If you can make a hat, then you’ve already conquered decreasing/increasing. A jumper is just a bigger project.

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