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This week on the whole, has been good. OK, my car is still causing mechanics to scratch their heads in a less than pleasing way, but the rest of the week has made me smile.

We had our first 6th form parents evening for eldest. Only three teachers to see, compared to the usual 10 or 12 in previous years. Ten minute appointments instead of the five, so through in half an hour-ish. She seems to be doing well. Areas to work on, but she has coped admirably with the jump from GCSE to A levels in her usual confident style and I’m proud of her. It was also good to see where she spends her day.

She’s also pleased as she’s battled through the madness of online ticket buying and bought tickets for a concert she wants to go to in London. She missed out last time, so is bouncing now. Oh to be a teen! Not something I say often. I’ve had conversations this week with both my teens that make me happy at how they are navigating the world as teens. It is tough. They are encountering areas of life that as a parent, you just want to wrap them up from, but you can’t. It prepares them for the bigger world. I’m heartened that they are trusting their instincts, holding on to their judgement and learning the right time to say no. Plus they are talking to me about it all.

All three children have come home with good test scores, this week. Another reason to smile.

(pulmonaria aka lungwort)

I decluttered the house a bit more. We took toys and clothes down to our local Clic charity shop. Sad to see some of the well loved toys go, but they haven’t played with them for years. I think they were all pleased to think other children would have fun with them and money will hopefully be raised.

My patchwork quilt is coming on. I’ve only a few more blocks left to do, which hopefully I’ll finish over the weekend. Then it will be time to decide on the colour that goes in between the blocks. I love playing with colours.

Finally, my ultimate smile for the week, I finished knitting my cardigan. I’ve already written about it. After wearing it for a few days, I’m still ridiculously happy with it. Usually I’m reticent about wearing something I’ve just made. Especially knits. They have a tendency to make me feel, for the want of a better word, mumsy. This one I’ve worn every day and even to the parents evening. Unheard of! It is a winner. The hem seems to be falling into line, as I wear it, so fingers crossed I won’t need to alter it.

A good week, on the whole. The garden is breaking out into spring colours. As I type, I can see a small patch of grape hyacinths, pulmonaria and daffodils all huddled together through the window. Beautiful blend of pinks, yellows and blues, with a touch of purple. I’m awake each morning for the dawn chorus and to hear the newly returned geese complete their morning fly over. Spring is tantalising close.

Joining in Anne’s word of the week. My word is smile. Hope you’ve had a week that made you smile too.


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24 Responses to Smile

  • Smile! What a great word to start the weekend off with. I can see why you are so pleased with your recent make. It looks lovely and fits you so well.
    I’m also loving the colours in the garden at the moment. Spring is almost here and that makes me smile πŸ˜†

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend. x

  • Helena says:

    It’s great that the cardigan has met all your requirements. Spring has certainly made an appearance with daffodils and blossom on the trees. #MMBC

  • Anne says:

    I’m happy to see you smiling. Your cardigan turned out really well, it’s such a pretty colour too. The flower photos made me smile as does your relationship with your teens. So much to smile about. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

  • I agree- a lot to smile about here. Look forward to coming back and seeing your patchwork quilt.
    Love the colour of your cardigan and it looks great on you.
    Well done to the teens on the school work.

  • It sounds like you’ve had a great week all round, I find it hard to declutter anything to do with the kids, little things hold so many memories which makes it hard to part with sometimes. It’s great that your teens are talking to you, it’s not an easy age to navigate at all. The cardigan looks lovely on you, very cosy and I love the colour. #wotw

  • Louisa says:

    What a fantastic week for you, car issues aside. I think there is a huge jump from gcse to A level and your eldest sounds like she is doing a brilliant job. It is always reassuring when our teens talk to us about their issues, I know I wasn’t so forthcoming at that age. I adore your cardigan, purple is my favourite colour! #wotw

    • Craft Mother says:

      It is a big jump. Expectations are so much higher, but I think she is finding her way. I love that the teens are talking to me. Sometimes I hear more than I really want to, but that is another story.

  • Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds like you had a lot to smile about. Well done your teen. It sounds like she is doing well at her A-Levels.
    I love that cardigan! It looks so cosy and the colour is so pretty x

  • Carol says:

    All of your photos today have such pretty colors – the building, flowers. and of course your gorgeous sweater. I love blues and purple. Sounds like the meeting at school brought only good news which is wonderful. Have a lovely week! #MMBC

  • Glad that your eldest is doing well and has coped well with the jump from GCSEs to A levels. Decluttering is always satisfying but yes I can imagine it was sad to see the toys go too. I love your new cardigan – what a beautiful colour. Lots of lovely reasons to smile this week. #WotW

    • Craft Mother says:

      Thank you! I’ve kept some of the toys for later generations. I know I loved sharing childhood toys with my children. I hope they will feel the same.

  • Beautiful pictures. Your week look full of beautiful colours too πŸ˜› #mmbc

  • This really made me smile, I feel exactly the same about Jack, its so hard for them to navigate this age and transitioning into adulthood, I love watching them make those steps, but then am also terrified and want to wrap him in cotton wool, its the oddest feeling but great to know so far we are getting it right. I love the cardy you are so talented, I think my next creative challenge will be to get a sewing machine x

    • Craft Mother says:

      Yes! Totally agree. One moment you want them to leap and grow, and the next moment you’d prefer if they just stayed still. Parenting a teen is an honour, but man, it feels more crucial than when they were younger. Oh wow! A sewing machine. You are so creative that I can’t wait to see what you make.

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