The Ordinary Moments

playing badminton in the gardenWe have another full week before the school term starts and I intend to enjoy it. All the back-to-school shopping has been ticked off. The last school shoes and trousers were sourced yesterday. I still have name tapes to sew into new clothes, but that’s no hardship as I like sewing.

playing badminton in the garden 2It will be so quiet when my noisy crew go back to school. We are the only house with school aged children, so I’m sure our neighbours can tell when term starts again, with no difficulty. They usually are kind and reassure me that they like to hear the children in the garden, as it means that they are outside and not cooped up watching a screen. I really hope they mean it.

I know I will miss the three of them. I’ll miss the ordinary moments probably more than the days out. The moments when I find them reading or drawing. Plotting and making. When I discover that once again my study chair has been raised up to an improbable height, which is always accompanied by the sound of giggles from around the corner. Even that I will miss.

playing badminton in the garden 3A huge hit with the children is badminton. It always is a favourite. Eldest used to play it at a couple of after school clubs, so she’s coached the other two.

It’s something all three of them can play, on a fairly equal basis. As soon as one of them spots that the wind has dropped, they stop everything, grab their rackets and shuttlecocks, and head for the garden.

In an effort to play when its windy, I sometimes find them playing rallies, sheltering by a wall. Only to lose the shuttlecock into a tree or over the fence to our long-suffering, aforementioned neighbours.

T playing badminton in the garden 2I have noticed that the Boy has to do a lot more work than his sisters. He will whizz around, determined not to lose a single point. His sisters  have the advantage that they can stretch out more often, and easily tap the shuttlecock over the net with great ease. He is getting a lot more exercise.

T playing badminton in the gardenHe really does throw himself into it.

table tennis bats Table tennis is a new favourite, this year. I’m not sure if they were inspired by watching the Olympics, but the house seems to be filled by the steady sound of per-tonk, per-tonk. They call it their indoor badminton.

playing table tennis on the kitchen table

The best table is the kitchen table. Adds that little extra fun when I’m trying to lay the table for supper. I’ve taken to putting things on the table, and they carry on playing. Gaining points if they miss the salad bowl or jug of juice.

I will  miss it.

cleaning out chickens

Before you get the impression that it has been all play and no work, I’ll share another ordinary moment. Eldest is in charge of cleaning out the hens. We only have two, at the moment. It would be nice to have more eggs, but I think the two hens are getting on so well, that I’m not keen to change it. Any more chickens and factions are established. Leading to hens being ganged up on. We had nine at one stage, and that was a good number too. Every hen seemed to have at least one buddy to peck around with.

cleaning out chickens 2Eldest does love her hens. Cleaning them out is not the most pleasant job, but she likes to look after them.

Blue and cleaning out the chickensWhile she cleans, the Pup keeps her company. Just in case one of those pesky hens should escape.

I’m not going to claim that they have played harmoniously all the time, nor that they didn’t spend longer on screens than I would have liked, this summer, but they have spent lots of time outside. They have played together. It is a balance.

My problem now is that I’m not sure how I’m going to get my wild children back into school shoes and uniforms, in a week’s time. Hmm. That will be fun.

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  1. I’m not looking forward to the start of school – my big girl is starting school for the first time and I know that I’ll miss all those little ordinary moments that you describe. It sounds like you have had a lovely summer. I love the photos of your children playing badminton and table tennis and looks like they are having so much fun. Cleaning out the hens doesn’t sound like the most fun job in the world but glad that Eldest enjoys looking after the hens and that the Pup enjoys keeping her company while she does so 🙂 #countrykids

    1. First time to school is such a big thing. I hope it all goes well. It’s not the same once they start school, but you can all still have fun. It does make summer holidays all the more precious.

  2. Summer goes too fast – you wait for it for so long, and then it just flies. My husband goes back to work next week and I will miss having him around. It seems like you had the most perfect summer though, and at least we should get nice weather for a few more weeks yet… #CountryKids

  3. It looks like you have been having a lovely time….It did make me chuckle about the ping pong and you trying to lay the table. hehehe
    My girls are not looking forward to the start of school and neither am I….I really don’t want the summer to end x

  4. Awww looks amazing. Badminton is a good game! Something that anyone can do. And its so nice that you have space for it! This is the time where I wish I have a space as I also want my son to have a space to do something like this, I have rackets but no court =P #countrykids

  5. It’s wonderful to see them spending their summer holidays together, they look like -for the most part- they’ve been the best of friends. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the ordinary moments for all the exciting day trips but I know looking back I remember playing in the garden with family in the forefront of my mind more. It’s great that the Edlest has taught the other two to play badminton and they’ll spend hours playing together, you must really enjoy watching them together.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  6. Your children sound so lovely – all that playing outdoors and getting along. And as for looking after chickens I am very impressed. mine struggle to even tidy up after themselves. And my neighbours aren’t so child friendly as they complained when water from the hose came over into their garden – oops.

  7. Sounds like your kiddos have enjoyed their summer. We love to play badminton but we don’t have a net. I hope your kiddos have a fantastic school year.

  8. Sounds like fun, reminds me of my own childhood, playing out in the garden in the Summer holidays 🙂 The ping pong games on the kitchen table sound funny, I am sure it makes it more interesting for them too ha. I love that you have hens, must be great when they lay an egg! #countrykids

  9. We’ve been so lucky with the weather this summer and the children have been able to have lots of time in the garden. We love table tennis too!

    I’m not sure how I’m going to get back into the school routine again after such a lovely summer.


  10. I used to love playing badminton in my garden when I was a kid and it’s a sport I’ve continued to play all my life so I hope your children get the same long term enjoyment too. Am glad your kids have spent plenty of time outdoors, it’s a battle in our house – the only time I get them willingly off technology is if we go away camping or out for the day somewhere.

    1. I try and allow it to balance out. So long as they look back and remember all the time they spent outdoors and not just shut indoors, then I’m going to count it as a win.

  11. Sounds like they’ve had some lovely times at home. We used to play a lot of badminton in the garden (hence why most ball sports I can whack a ball (or shuttlecock) way out of court easily!

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