Leafy waistcoat ready for summer

I’m a great believer in taking on something that frightens or challenges me, once in a while. Not all the time, because that would be plain exhausting. Most of my career, I’ve applied for jobs that have taken me out of my comfort zone. I tend to throw myself in and not take the easiest route.

Not that the challenges have to be big. Anything that acts as a tall enough hurdle counts.

It may not sound like a shop stopper, but, when it comes to knitting, picking up stitches down the centre of a cardigan to make a button band, has always been a hiccup. Actually picking up stitches full stop is enough to condemn a project to the work in progress pile for time out. I’m prone to procrastination and I know it.

This was exactly the fate of my pink leafy waistcoat. It was there for almost a year.

Good news is that I’ve conquered it. After knitting my corner to corner blanket, I am thankfully now a dab hand at picking up stitches. Nothing like a project to knock the nonsense into the far field. I was able to pick up the waistcoat again and fly up the buttonhole band, as if it had never been a problem.

I’m so pleased to have reached this stage. I was drawn to the leafy hem initially. I loved the zigzag edge. It proved tricky and I undid it several times. Once I had the hang of it, I knitted the hem for the two front panels and the back at the same time, before adding the length. Just in case I forgot how to do it in the meantime.

I still have the buttons to add and the waistcoat to block. The cuff of the waistcoat needs attention as it’s a bit wrinkly. I’m going to be patient and wait for the shops to open again for the buttons.

I think the waistcoat will look good over a summer dress and it may get an outing before the buttons have a chance to be sewn on.

Before I finish, I need to mention the pockets. Quite frankly, it’s amazing I’ve got this far without bringing them into the conversation. I love pockets. I’ve added plenty of pockets to jumpers when I’ve knitted for my children, but not for myself. A definite oversight and this project put it right. I like learning new construction techniques and this pattern had a slightly different method than I’ve used before, but pockets are pockets, and where would we put those odd little things that we need to carry around?

Please don’t answer.


Pattern: King Cole 4750 long version  size 2
Yarn: King Cole Merino Blend DK colour Fuchsia


  1. This is brilliant! I love the leafy hem, it really sets it off. Beautiful choice of colour too. I need another project to start, just can’t decide what yet. X

    1. I love the colour and it is going to be perfect for summer. I’m being yarn driven for the next project as I’m still on a no-buy drive. Cuts the choices down.

  2. I love it, the colour is perfect. That pattern, with the leaves, looks incredibly difficult. I can just imagine it being unpicked, but isn’t it great when you get the hang of a pattern. (but you still have to be carful, I’m just been crocheting some hexagons for a blanket and I thought I had the pattern down and carried on until I realised the three I’d done without reading the pattern looked different…mmm…yes, it was supposed to be tr not half tr stitches, oops!) And one final comment….you HAVE to have pockets 🙂

    1. I have definitely had the same problem. You think you’ve got the pattern memorized and off you go, only to find you haven’t!

  3. Your leafy waistcoat is so pretty – I love the colour and the leaf detail on the zigzag hem. I’m glad that your blanket helped give you confidence with picking up stitches to make the button band. I love that it has pockets too. All the best items of clothing have pockets! #MMBC

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