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There really could be only one word for this week – “space”. Although, for the record, “gloves” came pretty close, as I’m knitting my second pair of the week.

But space wins. The children have been on half term break this week. Of course it rained. For the first half, at any rate. By the time they had exhausted their usual non-screen pastimes such as drawing, reading and torturing each other, they started perfecting their “at a loose end” look. So I reeled off a list of ideas, until one of them sprang on my suggestion of jigsaw puzzles.

Now, I imagined they’d go for a quick 100 piece jigsaw. One that could be done in one sitting, allowing them even more time to work on the “I’ve nothing to do and why is it still raining?” look. No. I was wrong. 1000 pieces. Then another child joined in, bringing out a 500 piece puzzle. Before I knew it, I lost my kitchen table under a sea of little bits of coloured cardboard that could not be touched by anyone else and had a tendency to jump over the table edges, as if on a mission to experience the wild and break free from the herd.

The 500 piece jigsaw took two days, but was quickly replaced by another 1000 piece jigsaw. The table was now covered with 2000 pieces. How they are not muddling up puzzles, I do not know. I cannot vacuum in case I permanently lose pieces and this jigsaw situation never ends.

We’ve been eating our meals on our laps. Three or four days. I’ve lost count. If only I had extended the table before they began. I’ve started to help. In a desperate attempt to eat at the table tonight. (Also because I cannot resist a puzzle)

There is a small part of the table not taken over by puzzle pieces. It is covered in text books instead. I kept this week clear on purpose. Eldest is on countdown for her GCSE exams and I wanted to give her space to revise. Started slow, but she is beginning to find a rhythm. She has a dedicated table upstairs, but prefers to be downstairs in the midst of it all.

I love having them home. I really do. I know there will be a time when half terms will mean nothing to me. I wonder if I will look back fondly at the days when the pantry and fridge doors seemed to be opened every five minutes? The cry of “what can I eat?” filled the air. I swear they time growth spurts for the holidays. Meal dishes are almost licked clean, much to the Pups disappointment.

Also, this holiday, fuel for hours of revising is required, I am told.

I have healthy treats and a full fruit bowl for them, but a freezer full of easy to cook nutritious snacks is crucial too. The two eldest are old enough now to pop snacks in the Aga without bothering needing me.

My freezer is full. Half of it is fruit from the summer still. An easy way to win more space was to bake an apple pie. A healthy snack, as well as space for quick meals. I win!

That is my week. Space was at a premium. It has to be my #wotw.

18 Responses to Space

  • The Reading Residence says:

    Look at all of those puzzles! They are doing well not to muddle them up. Hope the revision is going well, and that pie looks delicious! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  • Loving the color of that glove! Springy!

    And the pie looks lovely. I wonder if you managed to finish the puzzle. I saw it in instagram and its massive! #wotw

  • Lisa G. says:

    Can’t vacuum! What a tragedy for you, that you have more time to knit. Your household seems like lots of fun. 🙂

    • Craft Mother says:

      OK. I admit. I’m not too cut up about the vacuuming part. Although time saved seems to have been eaten by the puzzle, not knitting. It is lovely having time with the children.

  • Karen says:

    That post made me smile 🙂 all those jigsaws though! I do sympathise over the lack of space, my son will turn my dining room table into the Island of Sodor, heaven help me if move the train set…

    • Craft Mother says:

      I know your pain. I tried to help with one puzzle, but she wanted to do it all by herself, so I had to undo my bit. And still no table for me!

  • Ah the pie looks amazing, Feb half term is my least favourite mainly due to the weather. Every year I say next year we will go away but never do! We dont often do puzzles but when we do everyone get involved and really enjoys it, they are great activity if you have space to leave them out and let everyone graze over it x

    • Craft Mother says:

      I think the idea of going away for the Feb half term is a good one. Have a friend that usually manages it, but I’m not organized enough. Next year? …maybe

  • mummy here and there says:

    I love a good puzzle and that pie looks delicious X #wotw

  • Oh I love it ! a table full of jigsaws is such a wonderful sight. I treated myself to a few for Christmas I find them so theraputic, I love doing them with the kids too. That apple pie looks delicious I bet it didn’t last long did it ! Hope you’ve had a great weekend x

    • Craft Mother says:

      I love doing puzzles too, when I have time. It is a good time to chat with the children too. The pie did not last long. They never do.

  • Those gloves look like they will be lovely and warm. Hubby has a tendency to take over the table with jigsaw puzzles at times which drives me mad. Hope you have managed to reclaim your table now! #WotW

    • Craft Mother says:

      I love them doing puzzles. There are other places they could do it, but the kitchen is a magnet and warm. All puzzles have now been finished and photos taken as it is such a mammoth achievement.

  • Helena says:

    What you mean to say I have years to endure of fridge raiders! Space sounds like a good word as does apple pies and puzzles. #WotW

    • Craft Mother says:

      Bursting bubbles again. The good news is that …..actually no. I was going to say that there is a lull during the school day, but I’d be fooling myself if I didn’t admit they make up for it when they get home. You do have years of fridge raiders.

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