Centred : Word of the Week

The children have been on half term this week. When they were little, I used to theme half terms. Packing it with science experiments or history projects. Spending longer on subjects that they didn’t have enough time to do at school, but interested them. They still talk about eating the glow in the dark jelly and my explanation of castle erosion with the assistance of cookies.

It was all worth it.

Now they are older and their ages mean that they’re split between schools. Somehow this makes it harder to find a subject that fits all. So this week, they’ve done their own thing. Reading, making, researching, cooking and being creative with Minecraft.

We’ve kept it slow. No routine. I think we all needed it. They’ve followed topics that interest them.  I’ve said “Yes” as much as I can. Keeping boundaries when I need to. Leaving room for them to grow.

We’re nearing the end of the week. I’ve noticed how well they all get on, now that the dust of school has mostly blown away. The 5 year age span seems less. They never seem to be bored. Finding their own solutions to the alternative of doing nothing.

They would quite happily carry on to next week, given half a chance, but that’s not happening. School on Monday for them all. I have a feeling that they will be better placed to start the new week, than they would admit. Rested and able to find their centre again.


So my word of the week has to be centred.

P.S. Middle daughter (12) and the Boy (9) made the origami dragons. So proficient now, that if you ask the 12 year old, she’ll conjuror up a dragon before your eyes. Not bad!



  1. It sounds like a wonderfully, calm and centered week and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Our half term was all about chilling out and taking time to just sleep and catch up with ourselves. I think everyone needed it after such a dark and cold January term.
    Your children are so creative (unsurprisingly, really!) and those dragons are amazing.
    Good luck starting school on Monday


  2. Love the dragons and love the idea of a themed week for half term, but also keeping it calm and relaxed is good too. I think especially at this time of year it’s a good time to recharge for the (hopefully) lighter and warmer days ahead. Have a great week #wotw

    1. We definitely needed to recharge. I’m looking forward to the longer days and getting out and about more. Hope your week is good.

  3. They are so wonderful, intricate and beautifully coloured. Centred sounds a great word to and saying yes as much as we parents can opens us up to opportunities we may not ever had the joy to experience otherwise. #WotW

  4. Those dragons look brilliant! Sounds like a lovely half term, though your other themed ones sound inspired, too! Glad it’s been a good one, ours is this week x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. They did love the themed holidays. Concentrating on a topic that interested them and having time to research it more. I will do them again. The dragons are adorable. She taught herself and then taught her brother.

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