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Progress: Word of the Week

Something a little different this week. Progress. Not just for me but the children too. I’ll start with my progress.

I’ve finished my navy skirt and I’ve finally settled on patterns for my next two sewing projects. I’ll get the agony over and cut them out at the same time. I am the world’s biggest procrastinator when it comes to the stage of cutting into fabric. Honestly, if I could do the first swish of the scissors with my free hand over my eyes, I would. After that I’m fine. It is the first snip that is my obstacle.

I always knew I wanted to use the beetle fabric for a blouse. I went through several patterns. Circling round. Laying out pattern pieces. Almost cutting out. Changing my mind, but I think I’ve finally settled on the Lara set. It nicely side steps pattern matching beetles down the front opening, by having no front opening.

The orange fabric is for a coat. I need a light weight coat for the school run and errands at this time of year. Initially I thought of a duster coat and then ducked out when the fabric arrived. Hmm. A duster coat in this particular fabric might look more like a dressing gown. (Mummy, why is that lady dropping off her son at school in her dressing gown?)

So a long jacket it will be. The one on the right. I think.

Of course, it can all still change.

Now onto the children’s progress. I don’t talk a lot about how the children are doing at school, unless it somehow links up with home life or has a craft theme. I’ll sneak it in then. Otherwise, the stories are theirs, not mine to share and I feel uncomfortable writing them here.

This week, I think the Universe spotted me. Checked out my lack of attention. Turned the celestial spotlight in our direction and flung down the gauntlet. Daring me. I can almost hear the roar “Try and ignore putting these on your blog, mere mortal. Ha! Bet you can’t.

OK, Universe. You got me. I can’t ignore this week. So many notable events seemed to have lined up together in one week. Chance, Fate, invisible hand. Call it what you will.

To start, the Teen completed her bronze D of E expedition. I am completely bowled over that she did it. She’s always been a good walker, but they carry everything they need to camp for the weekend and walk miles. Tent, food, water, change of clothes. Needless to say, she was very tired when she made it home.

On top of it all, she has kept up with homework and study. She’s just got her head down and done it. With no prompting from me.

She’s year 11. A key year. Thoughts are turning to the end of this school year already, when her year of school mates, will head off in different directions. She has signed up for not one, but two end of year social committees. (Universe, really?) I didn’t see that coming. Either of them.  I don’t think her Reception class teacher would recognize the quiet, barely four year old I entrusted her with, all those years ago. For all those August babies out there, you can do it.

(old photo from last year)

Middle One is taking on more too. At school, she’s joined more clubs and making good friends beyond the confines of her classes. She is working hard and achieving the results that she really wants. I could not be more pleased for her. This week she pushed the boat out and signed up for something that forced her out of her comfort zone. Whether she gets it, I don’t know, but I’m so pleased she has tried.

While I’m at it, I should include her piano progress and the speed she is picking up new pieces.  A pace never seen before in our house. She’s using You-Tube to help her inbetween lessons.

The Boy has had a week of it too. Again, I didn’t see this one coming, either.  (Universe, want to explain?)

I’ll let the photo do the talking on this one.

All three are his this year. (Should just add that the green one should have deputy or assistant on it.) He is taking it all quietly in his stride. Sometimes it’s hard for the youngest to shine.

Seeing as I’m listing all this – in for a penny, in for a pound, – I might as well add that he gained his next badge at Trampolining, this week too. His penultimate badge.

I am quietly proud of each and everyone of my children. They have shone in their own way, but not as I imagined. So maybe the Universe,  (or whatever name you like to use), is doing me a favour. I don’t often take the chance to say that I am proud of them. This week has given me the chance. At this moment, I can safely say that I could not be prouder of them. Did you hear that Universe? Did you get that?

OK, Universe. Have I done my bit? Satisfied now? Can I go back to showing my finished navy skirt and cauldrons of granola? I did things too.

Joining in with #wotw with my word Progress.


The Reading Residence
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