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Last week in the Alps

Last week was half term. I lost track of time and forgot to write about it, but it’s worth a write up, before it disappears among the other has-been weeks. Especially as this week has been fairly quiet.


To start with, Youngest went off on his school trip, last week. It feels like preparation for this trip has taken up far more of my headspace in the last month than I care to think about. It was his first time skiing and first time abroad. So much kit was required. He went to Italy and the mountains were beautiful.

The Italian Alps

I’ve borrowed a few of his photos and I am completely envious of his week. He loved skiing and wants to go again. He wasn’t so keen on the journey. On the way, the coach driver took a wrong turning and from all accounts took them through the countries bordering France, which was an interesting route to Italy. On the way back, they were caught up in the Border Control strike. Long queues and I have no idea how the teachers coped with three coaches of teenagers while they waited. Amazing does not start to describe it.

Youngest in the Moutains last week

He went with a good group of friends and they were all kept busy with other activities too. The food was good and he came home with a bag of dirty washing and so many wonderful stories. We picked him up at school at 2:30 in the morning, which was fun.

I cannot tell you how much I loved it when he sent the photo above through mid week. Thumbs up and a smile. Phew! I still find it so difficult when one of them is away. Let alone two.


Last week, for the rest of us, was less exciting. (Also less blue sky and I do love blue sky.) We still had fun. For the first time ever, Middle Teen was on her own with us for over a week, as Eldest is hours away at Uni and her little brother was in the Alps.  Not often does this happen for a middle child. She loved it. She was ready to sign up as an only child, on the spot. She’s joking. At least, I hope she is.

Middle Teen wanted beads for a project she’s doing in Art at school. She has fond memories of visiting bead shops when she was younger and it seemed a perfect half term treat to go to a shop rather than ordering on line.

Getting there was slightly harder. Still no car for me. It’s booked into the garage for March. I can’t remember ever having to wait so long for a car repair, but I think it may turn  into the new normal.

Anyway, Middle teen and I headed down to Frome by bus, one day. It was the nearest place I could find that had a bead shop. They seemed to be in every town, a few years ago. Now they are rarer than hen’s teeth. The bus journey went through countryside and villages that we don’t usually see, which was a treat for me.

Last week in Frome

In the bead shop, we spent so much time deciding. I’m sure the shop owner must have wondered if we’d ever make our minds up. I hadn’t planned to buy anything, but in the end found beads that I’m going to use on a few leather projects I have line up.

Beads from last week

We had lunch and visited lots more shops too. We probably spent more time there (and money) than if I’d driven, as we were tied to the bus timetable and filled the extra time waiting for a bus home.

Glove pattern

In one charity shop, I found a fabulous glove making book with the original pattern cut out. There is so much to love about this book. It was published in 1949 and must have been given as a gift, as someone has written the most lovely inscription in the front. Flicking through it, the instructions and “30 illustrations” are  beautiful and it seems perfect that I found it in Frome with its textile heritage.

I’ve only just noticed that someone used it as a drink mat and left the tell tale coffee ring. I hope the book has been used for more than a handy table protector.

I’ve no idea if I’m a size 7 1/4, but I’ve earmarked a piece of red leather to make a pair. Why wouldn’t I?

I also found an interesting brown cashmere cardigan in a different charity shop, which makes me happy too.

Valentine Lamp in Frome

The rest of last week

– I placed my seed order and mapped out this year’s veg beds. I’ve been strict with myself and only ordered what we need and not anything that caught my eye.

– The dishwasher broke. Strangely, I’m quite enjoying the washing up and the quiet time it etches out for me. I suspect the novelty would wear off and Mr TTC seems to have fixed it now.

– We took Middle Teen out to lunch in Wells. She really was enjoying being the only child, although technically she is an adult.

– Mr TTC had his birthday, which really sneaked into this week, but I’m still counting it. Lots of cake and paper balloons.


That was last week. Everyone is back to the grindstone. With two of them working for exams this summer, there is a lot of revision in progress, or at least talk of revision, which is most definitely not the same thing.

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  1. What a great half term. It sounds like your youngest had a fab trip skiing. Fantastic photos.
    I have never seen a bead shop so you were lucky to find one. It sounds like a lovely shopping trip. x

    1. Beads shop seemed to be around every corner at one stage (ok exaggeration!), but I think they must have all gone on line after Covid lockdowns, or maybe before.

  2. How fabulous to go skiing in the Italian Alps, I don’t much like the sound of the travelling though. I love that you found a bead shop, and I can’t wait to see your gloves. It sounds like middle teen had lots of fun being the only child for a week. I do think the middle ones miss out a bit.

  3. Oh wow! the pictures your son took are fabulous! I’m so pleased he enjoyed it. The high street is it ? where you live is very pretty, we don’t have any shops like that where I live. I bet your daughter had a ball being the only one home LOL!

    1. The bead shop is off the high street and up a hill of very pretty independent shops. A real treat to visit.

  4. Oh the photos from your Youngest’s skiing trip are beautiful. So glad he enjoyed it. Sounds like a rather interesting journey getting there – not fun being stuck with the border control strikes on the way back! How lovely that Middle Teen got to have time on her own with you and I love the sound of a trip to a bead shop. That glove making book is a lovely find. Hope Mr TTC had a lovely birthday. #WotW

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