Ah. The run up to Christmas. If only I could bottle up the building excitement, label it, with a twist of baker twine and a frosted pine cone, and sell it from my own Christmas market stall. That would be so neat. I quite like the idea of a stall. Wouldn’t it be fun? Maybe for a short time, at least.

♫ …Christmas time in the city… ♪

Last Sunday, we went to Bath Christmas market. It is on our festive bucket list, as usual. Something about going along after dark, which gives a market a different atmosphere. I could never tire of seeing it. The lights twinkling. A slight chill encouraging mittens and hats to be worn. Fragrant steam from the mulled wine and spiced hot chocolate. The hum and laughter of the shoppers interacting with the stall holders. The ready smiles. It feels slightly more magical in the evening.

We did pick up a dried fruit wreath, which works wonderfully near the warmth of our wood burner. The fragrance is Christmas through and through. I could quite imagine doing all my Christmas shopping at the market and we might just pop back in this weekend to cross a few items off our list.

It does feel like lists are being crossed off left, right and centre, at the moment. Everyone squeezing in events before the holiday break. Always the way.

♫ …Ding Dong Merrily on High… ♪

Middle teen took her piano exam this week. We have to wait a couple of the weeks for the result, but she felt it went well. It was at a local private school, which had very impressive music facilities according to her. No graffiti on the practice pianos she tells me! The mind boggles.

I miss hearing her practise, but she tells me that she will be practising Christmas songs now. Now that I can’t wait for.

During the week we went along to Eldest teen’s exam presentation evening. Part of me still finds it surreal to be the parent instead of the student, but there I sit. Anyway, she went up to receive her official certificates, along with her cohorts. Then, blow me down, if she didn’t win one of the language prizes too. I had to nudge her to go up, as she was so surprised. Huge smiles. We’re all as proud as can be of her.

♫ …Rocking around the… ♪

Thursday morning the storm hit us. We now have a fair few fence panels down. Adding repairs to our list this weekend. If we can patch them up enough, for now, to stop the hound wandering off through neighbour’s gardens, that would be good. I’m pretty sure the neighbours will agree.

As if in some kind of cruel liaison, my washing machine decided to stop working. Great timing as mud walks in and PE kits and uniforms, in particular, seem to readily be coated in it too, at the drop of a hat. Always the very bits of clothing that are needed the next day. Fortunately, Mr TTC is a dab hand at fixing most things and worked his magic again.

 ♫ …he’s making a list and checking it twice… ♪

My Christmas list is coming on. Not as much as I would like has been crossed off yet. That’s OK. It will happen. I’m crossing off work projects too, so I can enjoy the school holidays with the rest of the family.

I have a few festive knits in the making. The latest ones will be added to a garland, I have in mind. I love a quick, crafty project. Just for frivolous fun to keep the stress levels down.

There ends another week. A few more items complete, including some I’ve been putting off and am now wondering why I did. Anyway, here’s to the weekend. Hope you have a good one.

Joining in with Anne’s #wotw linky. My word is list. What’s yours?


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6 thoughts on “Lists

  • Saturday 1 December, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Sounds like a busy week. Lists are an essential for me at this time of year! I do love a good Christmas market and that wreath sounds amazing. Well done to your middle daughter on her piano exam and your eldest on her exam presentation evening. #WotW

    • Saturday 1 December, 2018 at 12:23 pm

      Thank you. Could not be prouder of the pair of them. We have had a busy and fun week. Apart from the washing machine. That is never fun! 🙂

  • Saturday 1 December, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Congratulations to your daughters. I’m glad you got your washing machine fixed, I know mine is on it’s way out, it’s so old now. it’s on my list for replacement after Christmas. I think this time of year is all about lists. I know I’m crossing a few things off mine this week. We have family visiting next weekend so I want it to be nice and festive when they do.
    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for linking to #Wotw

    • Saturday 1 December, 2018 at 1:45 pm

      Thank you. A good start to the festive season. Busy times. Lists are definitely the way forward.

  • Saturday 1 December, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    I love this post Cheryl and I want to work on that stall with you. You are totally rocking keeping the Christmas Magic alive with older kids. Hope the piano exam results are amazing and I love that you get to enjoy the Christmas music I am so missing the primary school carol concerts. I have been enjoying all the Christmas markets and vibes this week and totally loving it. Have a fab weekend xx

  • Sunday 2 December, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    What a fab week! Well apart from the washing machine having a strop that is!
    Well done to both of your daughters, I bet you are one proud momma!

    Have a lovely week ahead and see you tomorrow lovely! #MMBC. x

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