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Busy/ Not Busy


What a week. I know it’s not over yet, but it already feels like a long one.


First up, the electricity people are finally moving the lines from our garden. It’s been a bit of a wait.

Started a year or two ago, when the line came down in our neighbour’s garden. When I say it came down, I mean an unplanned falling down. We lost electricity for the evening, but far, far worse, my girls were only one pole away from the lines landing on their heads. The whole idea still makes me shudder. You have never seen two girls run so fast into the house.

At that point, there was no amount of money anyone could offer me to keep those lines over our garden.

By the end of this week they should be gone.

lemon balm hanging over the Aga

Next up, we’ve been without the cooker for a week now. My marathon bake has long since run out and I’ve been cooking on two electric camping rings. Fine in the summer, but harder when I’m trying to keep everything warm and serve it all up at the same time, in the autumn.

Perish the thought that someone is running late and needs their meal kept warm.

Been rolling up my sleeves and getting organized. The secret is planning and preparing. Isn’t it always?pup-keeping-an-eye-on-me

It’s been colder in the evenings too and without the Aga, it’s been darn chilly. I’ve had to tell the children to put on another jumper or help me with the chores. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one they opted for.

Today the cooker is back in action. Not a moment too soon as we lose the electricity today for the line moving.

coxs-orange-pippenThere have been decisions made this week. The children are making decisions whether they want to commit to new projects.

I have been to-ing and fro-ing about standing down from a committee. Finally I know what to do. My focus is elsewhere, so I need to move on.

I just didn’t want to say I was too busy to do it anymore. Everyone is too busy. That is a terrible reason. The truth is I have other projects I want to concentrate on. I missed out doing them last year.


Also on the table this week. I’ve cut out a new autumn dress for me. Hopefully should have it finished this weekend. No sewing machine today, due to electricity being off, so might tack it together and check the fit instead.

So there you are. Busy / not busy. Although for Word of the Week, I need one word. Maybe something inbetween like the well known hyphenated word “not-busy”. Or probably better “focused”. What do you think?

9 Responses to Busy/ Not Busy

  • I’m so glad the electric poles are getting sorted. I’d be a nervous wreck too knowing it wasn’t too far from the girls. Loving the look of your cooker! 🙂 #wotw

  • Glad to hear you have your cooker back and that the electricity line is going – how frightening that must have been for you when it came down. Good luck with getting your autumn dress cut out and made 🙂 #WotW

  • The Reading Residence says:

    What a relief it must be knowing that those lines are moving today, and worth the hassle of the electricity going down for a while. Glad the cooker’s back on now (oh, and I’m guessing the kids chose jumpers over chores?!). Sounds like there’s a fair bit of decision making going on, too, hope it all pans out. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  • Kim Carberry says:

    Oh gosh! What a scary time with the electricity lines…It must be such a relief to see them going!
    It looks like you have been so busy…

  • let kids be kids says:

    My goodness, the electricity lines falling down in the garden, I bet that was very scary. Glad it’s finally getting moved now. Good luck with all your projects. #wotw

  • se7en says:

    I love that: You need to focus elsewhere… and move on. I hate saying I am too busy, in my head I am always say…”engaged elsewhere!!!” Sounds like a whole lot of busy in the best kind of way.

  • Mummy here and there says:

    Eek how terrifying and glad you getting by the lines removed. Can’t wait to see dress, amazing skill X #wotw

  • I’m not surprised you want those lines out of your garden thank goodness they missed the girls ! I think you have been both busy and focused this week I bet it’s a relief to have made those decisions, hope your cooker is back up and running soon. #WotW

  • Helena says:

    Oh my goodness I am so pleased that they weren’t harmed. I can truly understand you wanting rid of it. I also agree that when your focus is more driven by other things it is better to move on. #WotW

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