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“A moment spent in wonder is worth a lifetime spent in awe.”


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"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

Debs Random Writings

A Maze in the Meadow

meadow maze at MarkI love meadows and I love mazes. What could be better than to bring both together. We found a pub, last weekend that cuts a maze into their meadow. The White Horse Inn in Mark. There is an aerial photo on their website.

maze at Mark

The green banner in the middle marks the centre and was the target. All three children enjoyed walking/running/jogging around the maze. They must have played for a good half an hour. No cheating. It’s meant to take about 15 minutes, but they had so much fun, they kept on going around.  Making their way along the paths. Other children joined in, but they didn’t seem to meet each other.

We leave part of our garden to grow into long grass each year, and mow paths through it, so we can enjoy it. The insects soon find it. There is nothing better than sitting in the middle of  the long grass, on a warm day, and spotting all the mini-beasts. I can only imagine how many insects are attracted to the pub’s maze.

meadow maze at Mark 2This is such a great idea. I can imagine it’s a hit with all the children (and adults) as well as the bugs. I suspect we will be dropping in again before the meadow receives its final mow of the year.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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