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Time to smile

"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

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Here I am: May I smile

pea seedling

Here I am, at the end week of May. It’s been a good month on the whole. I’ve woken up each day with a smile.

Not that its been all plain sailing. My husband is off at one of those family events today, where they either say “Haven’t you grown” or “It’s a shame we don’t meet up on happy occasions too.”

Mary Rose David AustinI’ve made good progress in the garden. Most seedlings are in the right place. I’m waging war on the weeds. The jury’s still out on which of us is winning, but I’m hopeful. The garden is showing lots of promise, which just makes me smile.

We try to attract the wildlife. Gradually more and more native trees are being planted and wild areas are becoming more diverse. It is working.mountain ash flowers

We have a colony of about 80 pipistrelle bats that each May/June use our roof space as a maternity roost. It really is quite a sight. Each morning, I wake to their return. At the moment it is about 4:30am. Lots of social chit-chat. Sometimes I drag myself outside to watch them. Fortunately, I’m the only one who they wake up.

This morning, I watched a group of birds dive bombing a weasel who was raiding a nest of mice under our garden path. It never ceases to amaze me how all the creatures band together to see a predator off. To no avail this time. He/She made several visits. Each time successful. There are no supermarkets in the wild.

wool for the birdsOut of my son’s bedroom window, he can watch the sparrows making their nests in our neighbour’s roof. There is one above my son’s bedroom too. They’re very noisy especially at dusk, when he goes to bed. At first, it annoyed him. Then I suggested that he thought of the noise as their version of a lullaby. It worked. He learnt to fall asleep listening to their chirps.

In return he’s been helping the sparrows by putting the dogs’ fur in the fig tree, after we brush them. I’ve given him my left over fleece from felting. The birds reward him, by collecting it every morning and taking it up to the roofs. I can’t think of a more wonderful way to connect with nature. (Although I can’t help thinking it’s a very inefficient way to insulate our roof!) Still, it does bring a smile.

magical encounterThere have also been more encounters with nature, which have been truly magical. I’ll share more photos of this one soon.

recycled blue potting shedMy new recycled potting shed, makes me smile every time I look out into the garden. I love how the hawthorn behind it, seems to have accepted it and started to frame the shed. The May blossom is a perfect contrast to the blue and green.

perfect buttonsMay has been a good month to kickstart my summer sewing. I love all the summery prints. I found the perfect buttons for my daughter’s new top with its retro print.

fabric dryingNext fabric is drying on the line, as I write. I like to preshrink it before I start cutting out. It’s been a good month for drying washing on the line, in general, which always gives me that happy feeling.

So much to be grateful for. I’ll be sorry to see May go, with all its promise and vibrant green growth. I hope June brings just as much to smile at. A good word for the month, let alone week.

The Reading Residence
Sharing. Good idea.

Here I am: Tangled

tangled rootsI have nearly finished two projects. One crochet and one dressmaking. I’ll be able to share them soon. With the crochet, I’m sewing in the ends. Lots of ends, but I’ve grown to love this stage of the project as much as the actual crocheting. I’ve built up a pile of cut off yarn ends. They are making quite a mountain. Maybe more of a mole hill. Certainly a tangled mess!

Tangled seems to be a theme this week.

Tangled seems to be a theme this week. Not just finding tangled roots of a tree to admire, but life too. I like to think I live a simple life, but even I know I’m fooling myself. I’ve grown to rely on so much that it’s only when it goes AWOL that I wake up to the fact. I do rely on my car. I do rely on my mobile. I do rely on electricity.

For 10 minutes, this week, I was without all three. Not that I knew how long the electricity would be off at the time. The lights went dead. No phones. No internet. My car was in the garage and my mobile had died. I had no way of contacting anyone. What if someone needed me?

What if someone needed me?

It appears that my mobile has been playing up for a few days. I’ve been so busy, I didn’t realize. Happily texting to myself, as it turns out. My phone, email and text has become crucial to the way I run my life. Messages can be sent and picked up when convenient.

The schools use it as a main communication route. I’m running a project with a friend, at the moment. We use text a lot. I also use it to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs for after school clubs. I don’t like driving without taking my mobile with me. Just in case. Life runs smooth when my phone works.

People were probably texting me and wondering why I wasn’t responding. Or I was missing messages about kit needed for school the next day.

Back to the power cut. Of course, if the school needed to contact urgently, they still had my husband’s number. No bad thing as I couldn’t drive to pick children up. My car was at the garage. It made me realise how much I’ve allowed myself to rely on technology. Don’t get me started on how much I access through my computer. I couldn’t even check the electricity’s web site to see what the status was.

alpine purple flower

So I took a deep breath, realised I could do nothing and made a cup of tea (thank you, Aga). I sat outside with my crocheting, and watched the sparrows quarrelling on our roof. A noisy mob, indeed.

Tangled. Did people miss me in the 10 minutes? Who knows. Later, now knowing that my phone was dead, I emailed the people I usually text. Turns out they had been concerned by my longer-than-usual silence, but that’s sorted now. I have no idea if the children should have brought in wellies or empty yoghurt pots to school today. I’m sure they will cope.

Will I change anything?

Will I change anything? Probably not. I’d have to opt out and miss out, which is an overreaction. I do have a different perspective. I see how communication makes my life easier. Maybe knowing and understanding is one step towards simplifying it. Untangling myself.

I now see that the sparrows have a far harder time than me, I really have so little to complain about.

tail ends from crochet

Thought I’d bring back my “Here I am” postcode series for Wednesdays. A slice of life.

The Reading Residence

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Sharing. Good idea.


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