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Time to smile

"God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles."

- J B S Haldane

Debs Random Writings



We’ve almost reached the half way mark of the summer holidays. Our holiday rhythm is established. Mainly based on the weather. If the sun is out, then the doors are flung open (and quickly shut behind us, because of the hornets) and the great outdoors beckons. If it rains, then mountains of books are read or sewing completed, in my case.

This week the books seem to be winning the race.

On one bright, sunny day this week, we popped into Bath. A visit to Toppings, the book shop, and the second hand book stall in the Guild Hall market resulted in a few more books for the children and their father.

We also went to see the Dragon exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery. If you have children, have an hour to kill and are near Bath this summer, I can recommend it. My book loving children were thrilled to see illustrations from their favourite dragon books, hung on the walls. There are activities which would appeal to the 10 and under group. Children can go in free, while it’s £4 for adults.

(lego version of the front cover of  “How to train your dragon”)

Once home, the exhibition inspired a bit of drawing and dragon origami, which I hoped it would, but the books soon took over. I don’t mind. I love to hear them discussing their books with each other. Analysing the stories.

It is all about balance. Over the weekend, their cousin came to visit. We managed one walk, a Park run, plus an evening in the garden, playing cards and toasting marshmallows over the fire, to make smores.

Then back to books… and rain.

(dragon at Bishop’s Palace)

Yesterday, we escaped and spent the afternoon in Wells at the Bishop’s Palace. We’ve been before, but they’ve opened a natural play area, based on a dragon legend, this year. I’m impressed and the children loved it. Dragons and imagination. What more could you ask for? It deserves its own post.

(they “re-jigged” my chalk board message about eating cucumbers)

In other news:

 – We’re learning to live with the hornets and no traps have been deployed.

 – I’m sewing a blouse. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone by using silky fabric. So slippy and liable to fray.

 – We’re in cucumber season (spaghetti squash, apple and cabbage too).  It’s always a problem that the abundance of one food can soon generate groans and eye rolling. I keep reminding the children of the taste of supermarket cucumbers in the winter.

(wings at Bishop’s Palace)

Looking back at the week, books and dragons seemed to be a theme, but I’m going with dragons for my word of the week. After all books happen every week. I don’t often get to indulge my passion for dragons.


The Reading Residence
Sharing. Good idea.

One hook, a needle and some pages.

I finally unravelled my crocheting. Is it just me, but I have to leave a few days between deciding to unravel and actually pulling the yarn? The wool was in the odd balls basket at our local wool shop. Turns out, it wasn’t quite enough to make my yoke, but with a few alterations to the pattern, it will.

I love this stitch. It has the quick and ease of a granny square, but is less clunky to look at. Perfect for my needs. It’s called a shell pattern – split double. I might make a video showing how to do it, if only so I don’t forget.

Altering the design of the yoke should make it more interesting to look at too, so another silver lining.

Reading wise, I’ve not been able to settle into a book. Pick up a book, read a few pages and then abandon it in a pile of sewing. I was quite relieved when I found a copy of When God was a Rabbit  in a local charity shop. It is quirky and, far more importantly, has kept me reading. Only a few chapters in, but at least it hasn’t ended up languishing in the sewing pile. (Not sure why it’s always the sewing pile. Maybe “not great” books inspire me to sew.)

While we’re on the subject of stitching, I have almost finished my latest sewing project. It’s squeezing into the back of the photo. Just too soon for a ta-dah moment. Gardening has definitely delayed this project. I find that if the weather is nice, I can’t waste time inside. No knowing how long it will last, and seeds wait for no-one.

(Technically not true, of course. Poppy seeds, for a start, have been known to lie dormant for 50 years, waiting for the right conditions to germinate and grow. That’s why a slight change in the farmer’s methods can result in an unplanned dash of red in fields, after years of none. They are there, waiting for their chance.)

(ladybird poppy from 2010. Current poppies are just leaves at the moment.)

The point is that, I need to get cucumber seedings potted up and sweetcorn planted out, otherwise I’m losing growing time. I fool myself that I’ll sew later in the day, but then I’m too tired/needed for homework/taxi duties. Sigh. So the sewing has waited. Hopefully I’ll be able to take photos soon and share here.

That’s me. How about you? What have you been making? Have you read a book recently that you couldn’t put down? I’d love to know.


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Sharing. Good idea.


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