Snow – my word of the week

Snow in front garden

As I start this post, on Friday morning, I can see we have snow again. Not forecasted, this time. Big flakes, being blown around by the wind. It won’t settle, but it’s so pretty to watch and thrills my inner child no end. I’m glad I have no where to go today.

We woke up to a generous offering of snow on Wednesday. Over four inches, which may not seem much to many, but it was more than we were expecting. I thought it was my Thursday plans that were due to be impacted. Not Wednesday. School transport was a no starter for the day. Fortunately, we were able to drive the children in. As far as I can see, we were the only school that opened in the area. It carried on snowing for most of the day.


My car is finally fixed and on the road again. I cannot tell you how pleased I am. Living where we do, life without a car is quite limiting. I don’t think I realised, at first, how confined I was feeling.  Now, I have it back, I can catch up on all those errands that need running.

Thursday I took Youngest to the Orthodontist. His appointment was the week before and, as I had no car, Mr TTC took him. Unfortunately they ended up in a huge traffic jam, due to the first day of road works, and missed the appointment. I managed to rearrange the appointment for this week and left early to avoid the road works and forecasted icy roads. There were none. I arrived so early, it was almost embarrassing.

Hellebores in snow

There was so little snow on the road, compared to home, I was beginning to wonder if we were the only ones to be hit by the accumulating snow. I’d built up the journey so much in my mind that it was a bit of an anti-climax. I did some research when I got home and I can see that we are a fair bit above sea level. More than I thought, as we’re in a valley and our distant horizon is blocked. So as we are higher than the surrounding area (beyond our hills), we get more snow. (nice explanation here) There you go. Not what I expected from sunny Somerset. Time to break out the ski resort plans.

Only joking, we’re sadly lacking a mountain or two. Oh, and regular snow.


It feels like snow and planning for snow took up my week. The chickens were given extra bedding, as soon as I knew the temperature was going to drop and I covered a few plants. I made gingerbread cake, because I always do on snow days. Although, a word to the wise. We’re not calling it a snow day, because some of us had to go to school and apparently it’s still a teeny bit raw.

Cottage in the snow

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  1. It must be weird to get so much snow compared to surrounding areas. I think it was mostly the same everywhere here and we had two snow days. Both days the school proclaimed to be open only to say they were closing a couple of hours later, so I didn’t send Boo in anyway. Your place looks gorgeous in the snow, I hope everyone, including the chickens and Hero, managed to stay nice and warm.

  2. We had snow Thursday morning which caused chaos then disappeared, and on Friday there was a little bit more but not so much chaos and that vanished too. Most of our schools – including my kid’s and the one I work at if that helps anyone feel a bit better!

  3. we woke up on Thursday to it snowing, but it was coming down very fine and wasn’t laying. by 10.15, the school had messaged everyone to say the school was shutting. I looked out the window and was surprised to see almost half a foot of snow! #MMBC

  4. What pretty pics. We had quite a downfall of snow too.
    Glad to hear you got your car sorted. I always feel so lost when we are without a car. It’s surprising how much you rely on them isn’t it?
    Baking gingerbread sounds like a wonderful pastime when it snows. I really fancy a piece now! X 🙂

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