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Outdoor Photo Challenge

Taking photos on the scavenger hunt

First week back at school. A change of pace. I’m conscious that the children are spending more time indoors. It’s inevitable.

I want our outside fun to carry on. Thursday, after school, we had no other commitments, so I set up a photo challenge for the children.

taking photos of hens

It wasn’t a competition. Just a chance to be outside and look. I kept the list open. They could interpret however they liked. There were surprises in the results.

children photo nature

Before we started, I went round the garden making sure there was at least one of everything. For orange, I found nasturtiums flowing over the raised beds. Two out of three of the children found my old orange wheelbarrow. Nothing is predictable, but that is all part of the fun of this kind of activity. Their list was:

  1. Something red
  2. Something prickly
  3. Something soft
  4. Something orange
  5. Something green
  6. Something with an interesting texture
  7. Something with an interesting pattern
  8. Something that can move
  9. Something tall
  10. Something white
  11. Something old
  12. A seed
  13. Something with an interesting shape
  14. Something blue

children photo nature2

The children bounced around the garden. Pausing and looking, then rushing off with inspiration. The challenge gave them a purpose to go outside rather than slouching inside. They loved it. And they loved that I said I’d choose a few to post here. So here they are!

Mission accomplished!


Linking up with the #CountryKids. For more outdoor play inspiration, I’d recommend that you hop on over to see what all those inspirational families are doing.
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