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Steady hand sewing a curtain this week

This week has flown by in a blur. I can hardly believe it’s the weekend and Youngest is due back. There has been a steady flow of people coming and going, all week that I’ve been constantly checking headcounts for meal times. I rather miss the default of five plates on the table when they were younger. I never thought I would. To be honest, I never really had to. Now they are in and out. Organizing their lives.

We’ve had shopping trips to Bath and haircuts. Visa collection from London. Back to work after a week off for another. It has been a constant revolving door, not to mention all the admin, so much admin. I’m left missing the times when you could just go into somewhere and talk to one person who had the knowledge from years of experience, rather than searching through the dross online.


In between the mental gymnastics of the week, I’ve worked on my curtains. Steady hand-sewing is remarkably calming. The curtain was from a charity shop. It was one very long, unlined curtain. Too big for our low ceiling cottage. It had been handmade and I think in a hurry as the raw edges were on show. I cut the curtain in half and spent a couple of evenings hand sewing them. One half of the curtain is now lined and hanging on the rail. I’m very pleased with it. I’ll work on the other one next week and then I’ll be able to gather them up to the right size at the top.

hellebore in the garden


With Eldest about to head off to university in yet another country for months and months, I was determined to fit in a trip over to my parents before she went. It was lovely. There is something so steady and reassuring to be back home, eating your mother’s cooking and catching up.

The conversation turned to our family tree. We looked at photos and even listened to a recording of my great grandparents, telling stories and interrupting each other in their wonderful, lilting welsh accents. Tall tales, to say the least. I remember my great grandfather very well, but I missed out on meeting Great Grandma. We looked at one part of our family tree and it had the names and dates going back to the 16th century, which I’d not seen before. There was a cascade of knowledge where my parents told us stories about relations who they had been told about, but never met. Hints of love stories. Tales of disappointments. I’d love to know more and it makes me want to dig deeper on my own.

Busker in Bath holding steady
Busker in Bath holding steady

That wraps up another week. Among the rapid organization there has been some steady moments that have held it all together. I’m going to make the most of our weekend with everyone being home. The laughter and chaos of us all being home. Even if it is only for a short time.

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  1. Nice and Steady eh? I like the idea of that curtain and turning it into two. I recently bought a massive, nearly new quilt for my son at a charity shop. It is massive and could make 2 quilts. I am tempted to ask him if he’s using it as he’s bought some brand-new stuff from John Lewis. It has all my favourite colours, so I might just ask, lol. Sounds like you’ve had a fab week. All the best for the next.

  2. I do agree with you about admin and wanting to talk to an actual human who might know what they are doing rather than some automated chat or trawling online. My Grandmother used to alter curtains by hand – something I have absolutely no talent for! So I admire anyone who can. Love the photo of the busker.

    1. It seems harder and harder to talk face to face with people in the know now. I do miss it. I only alter basic curtains. Nothing fancy. I’ve made all our curtains.

  3. It is hard to keep track of who’s in or out to eat as they get older.
    Ugh to all of the admin! That is no fun at all.
    Ahh! How lovely to go and see your parents. I love going to my dad’s and him cooking for me. The family tree chatter does sound so interesting. x

    1. Even when they are in the house, I can’t keep up with who is home. The family tree was fascinating. Some great stories came out.

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. What pretty curtains. I’m with you on finding steady hand sewing quite calming. How lovely to have a visit to your parents and to hear stories from your family tree and listen to a recording of your great-grandparents. That’s impressive that one part of your family tree has names and dates going back to the 16th century. #WotW

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