Winter – my word of the week

Winter frost on metal leaf

Hoarfrost on camping peg
Hoarfrost on camping peg

January always feels like the poor cousin among the months. Jokes are made about how many days it lasts (apparently more than the specified 31 ) and how no one likes it. Let’s face it, any month following fun, festive December has big shoes to fill, especially in winter. It is a tough act to follow, but maybe, just maybe, it should be given a second chance.

I like January. Yes, it’s darker and the days are shorter, but the house feels bigger and lighter once the decorations have gone. The fire is lit most evenings and we wake up some mornings to heavy frosts. Our garden and surrounding fields are a total white out and sparkly. OK, I’m not keen on the muddy conditions for the rest of the month or the icy roads, but it’s all about making the best of whatever life serves you up. The week has been frosty and crisp, and I love it.


Last weekend, this country mouse left her winter bolt hold and journeyed north to a big city, taking plenty of snacks. We delivered eldest back to Uni. It’s quite a journey. (I always wave from the motorway as we speed past Anne and Jayne.) This time we drove along with a rainbow for some time, that lined up perfectly with the end of the road. The pot of gold, at the base of it, was almost in reach, but never quite.

winter rainbow
Rainbow. – I’m not driving

For a change, we stopped on the way up there, for lunch. First time I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant over a motorway. Bit unnerving, at first, having the vehicles speeding towards and under you.

bridge over the motorway

She’s straight back into exams and the house is quiet again. Amazing the difference it makes, being one person down.

Winter breakfast

Winter breakfast

When they are all home, at the weekends, I enjoy making a big fuss of family breakfasts. Being winter, porridge with all the trimmings is a favourite. Feels like a good ritual to have, especially in January. Fits with my thrive, not just survive mantra.

winter sock knitting


I’ve finished my orange pair of socks and started a blue pair on the journey up north. I love the colour. It seems to fit the winter theme, although it is a bit warmer in colour and hints of a summer breeze on the beach.

I took the children to Hobbycraft for art supplies and couldn’t resist picking up a ball of cotton yarn to make another dishcloth and another ball of sock yarn. On last count, I have enough yarn to easily make five more pairs and probably three scrappy pairs too. Now I just need to resist buying any more wool.

Lamp in the kitchen. A birthday present for me

A fairly quiet week for us, but I’ve enjoyed the winter feeling of crispy, white days, even if it’s meant I’ve defrosted the hen’s water every morning and the lanes around us are ice rinks. All part of winter. Happy to be in my winter bolt hold again.

I’m joining in with Anne’s word of the week.

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  1. I must admit when I looked out of the window yesterday morning to frost and fog I did think it looked pretty. Winter weather is lovely if I don’t have to go out in it! Your photographs are beautiful. I did chuckle at your disclaimer on the rainbow pic!

    1. Oh I agree. It looks pretty but not so much fun if you need to get somewhere. If I didn’t put in the disclaimer, then there’s always a good chance that someone would point it out.

  2. What beautiful photos. The frost on everything really is beautiful.
    It sounds like you have a good trip dropping your eldest back off at uni.
    Porridge at this time of year is just perfect, we all need something to warm our bellies. x

  3. I quite like frosty, crisp weather too and I don’t particularly mind January as a month. For me, in many ways it comes as a relief to be able to just be however I need to be without the pressure of trying to be festive and jolly that comes in December. I do love seeing frost on the leaves and your photos of the frost on various things are lovely. Love the photo with the rainbow reaching down to the motorway too. Good luck to your eldest with her exams and hope she has settled in well back at university. Love your blue wool for your socks and that lamp is so pretty. #WotW

  4. I know what you mean about enjoying what January has to offer. I love waking up to frost-covered fields and lighting the fires first thing. I just like getting cosy!
    Thanks for the waves on your way to uni drop-off! You are always welcome around ours. The kettle is always at the ready and we have ample biscuits to go around. 😉 x

  5. I’m not a huge fan of January, but we do have a birthday to celebrate. I know what you mean about the yarn though. I had to buy some new this month. I love your wintery photos. I’m sorry I’ve only just commented, I must have visited last week because my linky told me I had, but I must have been disturbed before commenting and didn’t come back!

    1. Buying yarn when it’s cold and dark days I think it totally allowable. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  6. I like winter when you don’t have to go anywhere. Keep inside all nice and warm and there is no feeling guilty about it. I don’t think I have ever stopped at a services over a motorway. I remember walkways over them but not the restaurants #WotW

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