Returning – my word of the week

Returning pheasant

As sure as eggs are eggs, once the first gun shot shatters the quiet of our local woods, pheasants start returning to the garden. At first, it will only be a few adventurous individuals, but as the shooting season progresses, their numbers swell. We name the first outliers, but give up after a few weeks and just count their numbers. Yesterday, we had eight hens and one male alternating between sheltering from the heavy drizzle (standing in the open, in one spot, looking miserable) and grazing on my overwintering crops (thanks!). They spend an hour or so and then move on. They’ve learnt where it’s safe to seek sanctuary, but also to stay on the move. These are the ones that have survived. So far. February couldn’t come soon enough for them.

This one is called Philias

Festive season

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas break. I’ve started packing away the decorations. This is my time to enjoy the memories behind each decoration. The children put them up at a pace that can only be measured in light speed. Taking them down is my time and I revel in it. Sad to see them go, but we’re moving on to other celebrations, so I can live with it.

Returning to routine

Back to school this week for the younger two children. Both are in exam years, so we had mocks before Christmas and mocks after too, with a soupçon of results to follow. Not my favourite kind of festive sandwich, but we still had a good time. At moments, I missed the school nativity plays of previous years, which never failed to add festive fun.

Eldest goes back to uni in a couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the full house while it lasts. We had a lovely afternoon book shopping, this week. My pile of new books makes me squeal every time I see it. She is a bad/brilliant influence.

The daylight is noticeably returning. The beginning of the week, our dog walks were in the dark. Flashing collar, torches and hi- vis wear. Today it was light. I’m looking forward to lighter evenings again and getting up in the light.

The darker female on the right is Philomena

Returning to making

The last part of 2022, my creativity took a hit. I had a few projects that acted as a combined barrier and I couldn’t manage to manoeuvre around them. I couldn’t finish them. They sat there taunting me, unable to move forward. Eventually, I frogged a sock and started again. That seemed to do the trick. I wish I’d done it sooner.

Returning to knitting orange jumper

I finished my autumn jumper on Christmas Eve and am whipping through my sock knitting. My aim is to build up a gift drawer of handknitted socks, gloves and hats. I’ve found the cutest labels to attach to each completed project to keep track of size and yarn. Knitting is a good way to keep my fingers busy.

returning to sock knitting

Returning to blogging

I’m also hoping that I can get back into the habit of blogging and photographing our everyday life. I’ve missed writing and have certainly taken a lot less photos. Although, I did manage to take 289 photos of the children surfing in Cornwall over the summer, so I’ve had my moments. I’ve missed it. Milestones have snuck through without me recording them here, such as Middle teen turning 18 and there only being one child left in the household, which is a big deal. I need to record more of the joy and the ordinary moments before they are gone. I’m determined to make it part of my week again.

Next door’s cat stalking our hens. He heads for the hills as soon as they flap their wings.

Talking of which, I’m joining in with Anne’s word of the week link up again. It has truly been a long time. I’m looking forward to catching up with the others. I’ve missed you.


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  1. We’ve missed you too Cheryl and it’s lovely to see you back. I will revel in your lovely photographs and craft projects. It’s inevitable that our children will grow up but you are right, there is still much to be recorded. (Are you sure that middle teen turned 18, how did that happen?) I’m glad the pheasants have somewhere to feel safe.

  2. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Good luck to your two with their exams. My youngest had mock GCSE’s before Christmas and more in a couple of months before her real GCSE’s. Eek!
    I love that sock, especially the colour of the wool your using.
    So lovely to see you blogging and joining in with Word of the Week. x

    1. It feels like never ending mocks, prepping and tests at them moment. My youngest is doing GCSEs too. Good luck to your girl. I have few lovely coloured sock yarns to use up, so it will probably be a bit of a theme for me this year. Thank you. It’s nice to be back.

  3. Great to see you here. I had a bit of a forced blogging break so wanting to get back into it too. Those poor pheasants but amazing visitors to the garden. My mum knits I wonder if I can get her to do socks. Love the colour of them. Kids grow so fast. I can’t keep up with mine! #WotW

    1. It is nice to be back to blogging. I do feel rusty. The pheasants are such beautiful birds. They are adding some much needed interest in the garden during mud season. Lucky you having someone who can knit. Feet grow so quickly at that age. I gave up ever trying to keep up with them with handknitted socks, but the odd pair are always appreciated.

  4. It’s lovely to see you back here. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus too, hopefully that’s past now. The pheasants are so pretty. I wish I could knit! My late grandmother tried to teach me but gave up, I just couldn’t get it. Love your photos as always.

    1. I’m glad to be back. I have missed everyone’s posts. I think you’re lucky to be taught by your grandmother. You may not have got it, but I hope you enjoyed the lessons.

  5. Welcome back! Lovely to have you back on #WotW again. Pheasants are such beautiful birds. Lovely to see them in the garden (although not so lovely that they’re grazing on your overwintering crops!) Glad you had a good Christmas and to have enjoyed having a full house again. It is nice that the mornings are starting to become a little lighter. Love your autumn jumper and what lovely coloured wool for the socks. I’ve started knitting hats lately and it’s lovely to sit and knit while relaxing in the evening. Looking forward to reading your posts again in 2023. Happy new year to you all. #WotW

    1. Thank you. It is nice to be back. Pheasants have been busy this week too. I’ve given up on my overwintering crops, so they can have them. I like the sound of your hats. There is something about knitting at this time of year, that feels good.

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