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Mud season is losing the battle, at last. There are subtle signs of spring in the air. The dawn chorus is building up and the twigs of the oak trees are transforming into a nobbly sticks. On our morning walk, the lesser celandines and primroses are flowering in the hedgerows.

Mud season is my least favourite time of the year. I’m glad my corner of the world is greening up again.

I’ve been thanking my past self for digging two more flower beds, last year, and planting them up with bulbs. The crocuses are blooming and I can see the tulips are leafing up too. Other tantalizing bulbs are also appearing. Not that I can remember what they are. Good job I noted the names down. Somewhere.

“as the discussion turns to the chewed furniture legs”

In the kitchen, Mr TTC has painted the old chemistry tables green, which was a surprising choice. I usually paint them a bold colour and then give it a few years, he paints them back to white. Maybe I’m winning him over to the colourful side.

I probably should explain why we have chemistry tables in the kitchen.

Roll back a few decades, when we first bought our rustic cottage, all the rage was to have stand alone furniture in kitchens. This was fortuitous as a fitted kitchen in our kitchen, where walls lean and bulge, was the challenge a fitter would have entertained future clients with for years. Careers are made on less. We opted, instead, on the safe and cheaper option of stand alone furniture.

We went to a reclamation yard. An Aladdin’s cave, as far as I’m concerned. All sorts of unusual and preloved pieces to be reimagined into something useful. The objects I’ve found. Bookcases, garden rollers, tin baths, full scale rocket with launcher, cast iron statues.

I’m not allowed to visit on my own anymore, but that is another story.

This time we found tables and work tops that had been stripped out of an old, local school science laboratory. The yard were cutting them down in height to make enormous coffee tables (1.5m x 1.5m), but they had one left. We bought it, along with two sections of work top. The wood was solid and hard wearing.

It was sanded down. The top temporarily cut off, so we could fit it through the door. We removed the gas taps and the electric sockets, along with the hardened and fossilised bubble gum, but the carved in initials were left as a testament to its previous life.

Over the years, all the dogs have left their teeth marks in it. Previous paint colours poking through. One dog used to lean against it and nonchalantly chew the table top corners, when we weren’t looking. Not pinning that one on Hero. It has certainly taken a few knocks over the years. We added shelves, baskets and doors along the way, and then removed them over time.

We used to sit at it on bar stools, until the children came along. Too easy to tip back on, so we invested in a lower, conventional table with sturdy chairs. The chemistry table was cut in two and now act as worktops against opposite walls. They are moved around as kitchen islands, when we need them. Still referred to as the chemistry table, except it is now tables.

The time has come to revamp them again. We’re hoping to add cupboard doors again, to hide my enormous bags of flour and pasta, I store under one. In the meantime, they have been painted green.

I’ll do a reveal when the doors are added, but at the moment they are teeth mark free. I’m hopeful it will stay that way for a few years.

I wonder what happened to the science tables I used to sit at? I’d like to think they are well loved somewhere.

Last green to mention is this week’s birthday cake. Hoped my husband wouldn’t join the rest of us with a Lockdown birthday, but here we are. As he loves the surrounding fields, we made him a cake inspired by a field. Youngest son and I baked it together, so it counts as a food tech and an art lesson too.

“not green”

They might not be green, but I can’t resist including a few of the tiny hats I’ve been knitting for the Innocent Smoothie/ Age UK campaign. The rest are here.

This weekend, I’m baking copious amounts of welsh cakes and also getting out in the garden to prepare a few of the veg beds. The weather is looking promising.

Joining in with Anne’s Word of the Week, after a couple of weeks off. My word is greener.

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9 thoughts on “Greener – my word of the week

  • Friday 26 February, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    The Chemistry tables sound really interesting. We had a stand alone kitchen in our old house when we moved in. The walls were brick and we had one kitchen unit which housed the sink. We also had an old pantry for the food storage and …a coal house! When we did get it plastered, the small kitchen was even smaller, but at least I had a work surface and a cupboard….just the one mind you. I can’t imagine ever fitting a chemistry table in there, even if we had chopped it up. Anyway, I hope your new green tables turn out great and Hero doesn’t make his mark on them.

    • Friday 26 February, 2021 at 5:11 pm

      We had a coal bunker too. Not quite in the kitchen. We did have a bathroom in there, which we moved upstairs and made the kitchen a bit roomier. It also meant that we had one set of walls that were flat, so were able to add floor to ceiling cupboards in. Huge difference.

  • Friday 26 February, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    It has felt more spring like here and I am loving it. Don’t mention the dawn chorus. I am already sick of been woken up by the birds.
    The chemistry tables sound fab and what a great story about them.
    Happy birthday to your hubby. The cake looks so good. x

  • Saturday 27 February, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    Is the full scale rocket complete with launcher the reason you aren’t allowed to go to the reclamation yard on your own? I have a vision of it set up in the back garden ready to go! LOL! Anyway.. yes looking more like Spring here too. I planted some Tulip bulbs last autumn having never done so before and they are shooting up 🙂 Love the cake, Happy Birthday to your husband!

  • Saturday 27 February, 2021 at 6:58 pm

    It is lovely to see signs of spring and things greening up. I’m not a big fan of mud season either! I love that your worktops were chemistry workbenches in a previous life. Happy birthday to your husband. I hope he had a good one. I love the tiny Innocent smoothie hats. #WotW

  • Monday 1 March, 2021 at 11:09 am

    I agree that it is wonderful to see the new spring shoots. And I also love a reclamation yard, lol that you are not allowed on your own as I doubt I am either! We had long wooden science benches in my old school. It does make me sad to think what happened to some of the lovely old fixtures when the place was demolished a few years back. Hope some got reclaimed. #MMBC

  • Monday 1 March, 2021 at 11:35 am

    My part of the world is greening up too. It’s a great time of the year! Loved reading about your chemistry tables. You have been very creaticve with them over the years. I look forward to the big reveal! #MMBC

  • Monday 1 March, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    I’m so envious of your bed of crocus and tulips – they are so beautiful! #MMBC

  • Thursday 4 March, 2021 at 8:18 am

    I love that you have chemistry tables in your kitchen. It’s great that you gave them another lease of life. Spring is in the air and it really is a nice feel. Happy Birthday to your husband. I love your photos of your dog #WotW

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