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Half term

Hasn’t it been a glorious week? The weather is perfect for half term. If I slightly squint, we could almost be somewhere overseas. Helps that we live in a place that looks and feels like a holiday home, with all the associated quirkiness. Even our daily walk along the lanes, brings back memories of summers in Burgundy and the walks I took with my french family. Maybe it’s all the cow parsley lining the lanes, the heat from the tarmac and dry, dustiness. France is in my mind at the moment, as I spoke to my French friend this week and the urge to visit her is very much in my mind. One day soon, I hope.

Making the most of the week off for the children, we’ve tried to make it holiday like, as much as possible, even though us adults were still working.

We took a walk on the Somerset Levels again, finding one of the few hills to march up, to get the best view. The climb was steep and I, for one, was happy to reach the top. I was hoping to see hares, but it was far too hot. I’m guessing they were sprawled out in the shade, out of sight.

We’ve had bbqs most days. Yesterday, we had our first take away since the lockdown. Fish and chips from a nearby village. Really easy to order on line and choose a time to pick up. I hope they keep the system once everything calms down, because it certainly beats queueing.

I’ve taken some time to myself too. I’ve cut out a summer dress. I’m looking forward to getting my sewing machine out and start putting the dress together.

Otherwise, I’ve been gardening. We harvested another cabbage from the garden and finished the radishes. Also getting lettuce and herbs on a regular basis.

My spaghetti squash plants recovered from the frost. Not up to their previous green glory, but they are getting there. The greenhouses are fully planted up. I did mumble about needing another greenhouse, but was greeted with a “Not this year”, so I’ll put the cherry tomatoes in the conservatory and see how they do. So much going on in the garden, that it deserves its own blog post soon.

(An old nest from last year)

It really has been a lazy week. Although saying that, as I write this, Youngest is out on his bike with a friend, enjoying a bit of social distance exercising, for the first time. Usually in the holidays, they would meet up in a group and ride around the village and lanes, knocking on other friends’ doors to see if they could come out too. They cycle for a while, then retrace their steps to drop people back at their houses. It’s been quiet without the usual squeal of bike brakes, announcing a friend turning up at the gate. Guidelines allow for two to meet up, but I’m sure that will change soon.

Right the weekend beckons. I have a basketful of elderflowers to turn into cordial and another patch to dig for pumpkins. I’m hoping the teens will emerge from wherever and help, as they often do. I hate asking when they’re on half term. I’ve already had an email through today, from school, outlining the changes they’ve put in for first thing Monday. Nose to the grindstone is coming round all too soon.

I’m sure it will be hard to get back in the rhythm next week, when school work starts falling through as emails and online assignments, but at least they’ve had a week off from it. I’ve enjoyed not chasing them to make sure they’ve done it all. Back to nagging next week. Sigh.

I might just watch the few sky slug trails in the sky and dream about the places the planes came from and are going to. One day. In the meantime, I am exceedingly grateful for where we live. I couldn’t ask for more….except maybe just one more greenhouse….


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16 Responses to Half term

  • One day at a time … the good weather has helped immensely, and our daughter, especially, is out with friends now, and really enjoying the the modification of the social distancing rules, ie groups of four now, soon it will be six. #WotW

  • Anne says:

    I’m glad you’ve tried to make it like a holiday, for us it’s been just a no school work week. I wouldn’t mind one greenhouse, never mind an extra one ๐Ÿ™‚ Something to put on the list of wants I guess.


  • Kim Carberry says:

    The weather has been amazing! I hope it lasts all over the summer. hehehe It sounds like you had a lovely week and that does sound like a fab walk. The view looks amazing!
    We have had a couple of takeaways this past week too. No where here used to deliver before lockdown so I hope it continues too.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  • Lisa G. says:

    We’ve had very summery weather here, with humidity. But I am avoiding the air conditioner for now – it’s just too soon. We may have storms tonight – there’s a big breeze coming through the windows.
    We have pretty scenery here in New England, but I can’t imagine living in a place where it’s as fantastic as where you live, Cheryl. I know you appreciate it!

  • Emma says:

    I’ve been dreaming of Italy in just the same way after we spent our honeymoon there last year. Some cool drinks and anti pasti in the garden definitely helped! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your gardening post. We’ve just started to grow our own vegetables and honestly have no clue what we’re doing so it would be lovely to pick up some tips! ๐Ÿ™‚ #wotw

  • Sounds like you’ve had a lovely half-term with a real holiday feel to it. The weather has certainly been glorious and that view from the hill is absolutely beautiful. Your basket of elderflowers reminds me that I should really try making cordial again this year. My in-laws have elders in their garden and we made cordial for the first time last year. So lovely that things are growing in the garden and glad that your spaghetti squash plants recovered from the frost. Hope the summer dress turns out well. #WotW

  • Carol says:

    your macro shots are fabulous – I’d love to visit your garden!

  • The flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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