Painting pumpkins

There is nothing like the quiet, nearly continuous conversation that goes on between children as they happily concentrate on a joint crafting project. Little nudges amongst themselves to keep everyone on the same path, or at least aiming for the same objective. A stream of words. Relevant. Not relevant. Siblings working together.

Yesterday, I set up papier mache pumpkins and orange paint on the kitchen table. They soon appeared. Excited to be doing another Halloween crafting activity. Something that they could do together. No easy task as the five year gap seems to grow and shrink on a regular basis.

It was soon discovered that a sponge, instead of a paint brush, would give a more interesting, speckled surface.

Before long, the burble of sibling conversation subsided, leaving eight painted pumpkins on the table. I’ve used three on a wreath. Added a quickly needlefelted crow to boost the autumn atmosphere. I was aiming for something similar to the pumpkin patch outside Hagrid’s hut in Harry Potter. With crows cawing and flapping from one pumpkin to another.

I’ll settle for one crow for the moment.

We do have lots of crows that fly above our garden and perch in the trees. Sometimes one will wait on the telegraph pole and greet me when I come home from the morning school run. Flying off as if relieved of duty. I find them fascinating. I really want to incorporate more crows in the things we make.

I’ll try and add another photo of the wreath hanging up on the door, when the sun comes out again.

Info: I did think about making the pumpkins, but in the end decided to buy papier mache pumpkins and wreath  from Hobbycraft. This is not a sponsored post in any shape or form.

4 thoughts on “Painting pumpkins

  • Monday 23 October, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Your wreath looks brilliant. I think it was a good idea to buy your pumpkins and leave all the creativity to the decorating. I wish my youngest 3 would sit at a table and create something together but I fear it would turn into a paint fight or brawl at the moment! How long did it take to make your crow? I’ve never tried needlefelting but my husband has and was actually pretty good at it! Happy Halloween!

    • Friday 27 October, 2017 at 10:20 pm

      This was a very quick crow! I’d like to take a bit longer next time and make a more interesting crow. Needlefelt is very therapeutic. Happy Halloween to you too.

  • Monday 23 October, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    I love it when my kids concentrate on doing a craft and talk and help each other. Your pumpkin wreath is amazing, I love your little crow. We get crows too, although they don’t stick around long with our cats.

    • Friday 27 October, 2017 at 10:22 pm

      The chatter around the table is priceless when the children are crafting happily. I wish I could bottle it up for the times I need it most. I love watching our crows. Very few cats around us. In fact just two, so the crows do visit.

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