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How to cover a hair band

how to make a scrunchy hair band sewn upOver the weekend, I bought a pack of silicone hairbands to try. Tying lots of hair up for PE lessons is proving challenging. Most hairbands are not up to it, so I thought the silicone ones might be stronger. Unfortunately they were rejected. The grip felt like it would damage the hair.

So I was left with a pack of hairbands.

What to do?

how to make a scrunchy hair band what you need

Middle Daughter is off at camp this week. During the run-up to her leaving, she requested hairbands, using fabric from my scrap collection. A homemade goodie to take with her. So I did. I made it using ordinary elastic and the stretch wasn’t right, but she took it anyway.

Today, I decided to use the silicone bands. I didn’t want to cut them, as that would create a weakness. Instead I covered the band as a ring.

How to cover a hair band with fabric

  1. Cut out a piece of fabric. I used the measurements 27cm by 9cm as I didn’t want it too full. I used fairly stiff fabric.

how to make a scrunchy hair band iron2. Turn all the edges under by just less than 1cm and iron them flat.

how to make a scrunchy hair band adding the elastic3. Start to wrap the fabric around the band, placing the band inside the fold of the fabric. Line up the long edges and pin in place.

how to make a scrunchy hair band pinning fabric4. Continue until all the fabric is around the band. At this point, you can tack around the edge to keep it in place, which makes it easier when sewing.

how to make a scrunchy hair band sewing5. Either machine or hand sew the edges together, 0.5 cm from edge, starting from the opening.

how to make a scrunchy hair band sewn up6. At the opening, push one end into the other, and sew together.

how to make a scrunchy hair band making a ponytailThen the hairband is ready to work it’s magic. The silicone band still provides the strength to hold the ponytail up, but the fabric protects the hair.

how to make a scrunchy hair band making a ponytail close up

A practical and pretty hairband, ready for daughter to return. It was quick to make. Would make a good fundraising idea. I think I’ll sew up a few more. Especially as I have a whole pack of silicone bands to use up and use up more fabric scraps. I’m glad I found a solution, rather than just throwing them away.

how to make a scrunchy hair band pinnable

Linking up with Fiona’s Trash 2 Treasure linky

Part of my “A greener me in 100 steps” project. Finding a new use for an item that didn’t live up to expectations.

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8 Responses to How to cover a hair band

  • That’s a great idea! Hair bands are a nightmare aren’t they, we are always loosing them here there must be a huge pile of them somewhere having a party with all the odd socks and teaspoons!
    sustainablemum recently posted..The sun is shining……My Profile

    • Craft Mother says:

      I really don’t know where they go. My theory is the dust bunnies run off with them. They probably have the socks as well. Not sure about the teaspoons. Not convinced that they’d have much use for them. It will certainly make an interesting layer for future archaeologists.

  • A great way to make use of hairbands that didn’t come up to scratch. I made similar hair accessories for my daughter when she was younger, using elastic on the inside. Down in Australia we call these scrunchies. I’d love you to add your fab tutorial to our Ongoing Hair Accessories link party…

    • Craft Mother says:

      We call them scrunchies too. So easy to make and wear. I’ve made the elastic versions, but I’m won over to making them with hair bands now. Gives the strength. Either way, I love the pretty fabric that can be used.

  • What a brilliant idea and one I think I could manage to sew myself. I don’t like the way bands damage hair, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to cover them. This looks so effective I must give it a go.

    A perfect #Trash2Treasure. Thank you for linking up.

  • Sarah K says:

    Ha! I only heard the other day that scrunchies are making a comeback. Nice one.

    • Craft Mother says:

      I think they’ve been sneaking back for a while. Not quite so big this time round, maybe, but still a fab hair accessory. (Still waiting for the creased fabric from the 80s to make a come back)

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