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Debs Random Writings



This is the best week of the year, as far as I’m concerned.  Hands down. The week that starts with Christmas Eve and glides confidently all the way through to New Year’s day. Just long enough to step away from routine, shut out the work conversations and be enveloped into our very own snow globe, where we can live out all the family traditions and fun, to our heart’s content, without distractions. Everyone has something to hold their attention. No one is bored. We live off left-overs and ignore the dust. It is real.

OK. It’s not perfect. Even a snow globe’s walls can feel cramped at times. Falling-outs are brought to me. Often it’s less than clear whether I should be stepping in or recording them for posterity. I rule out the option of hiding under the nearest homemade quilt with a large box of chocolates, in the hope they might not find me. Believe me. It never works. Instead, I listen and gently guide each one to find a good solution that works for all. Helped when they remember how much more fun it is to be with their sibling than sulking alone.

Even our imaginery snow globe is a little bit light on the snow side, compared to the rest of the country. Still we managed a table top snow person, a fuzzy snow photo taken in the wee hours and optimistically watch the forecast.

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Christmas Pud

Turkey consumed and discarded wrapping paper squirreled away. The Queen and Dr Who Christmas special watched.  The room filled with laughter as the whole family plays a new board game, while wearing new pyjamas. Children playing carols. Sigh. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Another wonderful Christmas almost over.

And once again, my husband proves that no-one can best him when it comes to flaming a Christmas pudding.


Seasonal greetings and a merry Christmas to all.

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December babies

I have a theory. I’ll admit it’s still being tested, but I think you can spot an adult born in December a mile off. I’m excluding children in this theory, as they infuriatingly can throw an anomaly into the results, but grown-ups are easier to spot. They will be the ones that are just that little bit more excited about Christmas than everyone else around them. I have noticed, that they are likely to display certain similar behaviours too.

There are exceptions, of course, and my results should be viewed with caution, as there are flaws. For a start, my test sample is restricted, mainly to the UK, with evidence from the rest of Europe, the US and Canada.

Also, my testing is dubious as it is more anecdotal. Based totally on those moments when I find myself saying “I knew you were a December baby!” Putting aside my woolly test criteria, I think I have a strong enough case to attract investment for further research.

Here are ten ways to spot a December birthday:

1. They wear their Christmas jumpers with glee. A serious, unabashed bounce in their step, as they act like walking adverts for the season. They were literally born to wear a reindeer jumper with candy canes down the sleeves. They will have been wearing socks, with robins on them, from before 1st December.

2. They’ll start humming seasonal songs, even before the Halloween cobweb decorations have attracted their own cobwebs. Forgive them. They may not realise, but it is hard programmed into their DNA. It was probably the first music they heard.

3. They are the ones that instigated booking up the restaurant for the office Christmas bash soon after the summer holiday. They may claim that the best places book up quickly. This is not the real reason. They are just too excited to wait any longer.

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Sharing. Good idea.


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