Seven Years

AJ with hen

Seven years. Your time is up. Please move to the next level.

It’s not a shock. The first unavoidable wave hit me about three years ago. Throughout the subsequent years, more waves hit. Some small, others enough to knock you off your feet. This year, they have hit with more force and more regularly. Gradually, I’m growing accustomed to their strength, so I can cope. I’m ready for the big one. Emotional surf board at the ready.

bows on mitten bookmark

Eldest has taken it all in her stride. Seldom doing more than acknowledging the waves. Which is good, as she is the one who is taking the final leap (or should that be plunge?) Straight into secondary school this September.

making mitten bookmark

She has a matter of days left at her primary school. A place she has gone to for seven years. If, back when she was 4 years old, I had written a list of objectives for her to complete before she left, I think I would have ticked them all off and added more. Not only has she nailed the writing, reading and arithmetic, but she has found a love for history, science and playing music. She has learnt to deal with different situations and different people. She has learnt where to place her trust. She has grown. (She has also read her height in books more times than I know.)

mitten bookmark in book

She is my August baby. I’ve had so many conversations with other mothers about their August babies. Forever the youngest in their school year. Almost a year behind their oldest classmates. All I’ll say is that she has held her own. In seven years, she has more than caught up. She has had some wonderful teachers along the way.

mitten bookmark in book again

It has not always been plain sailing. There have been times when I’ve stamped my feet and would have happily removed her from the school. There have been many more times that I have seen her successes and known she has gained.

using the mitten bookmark

Seven years is a long time. Pretty much every cell in her body has changed in that time. There are tangible, as well as, intangible changes that have changed my girl from the quiet, little girl I handed over to her reception teacher many moons ago. She’s taller and more confident for a start. Once the very youngest in the school, she is now a house captain. I watched her on sports day taking special care to encourage the youngest children in her house. (To victory, as it happened.)

reading under the apple tree

What’s left? They have various leavers’ events and still have the SATs exam results to see. As the days run out, it focuses your mind. Strangely, the part I am going to miss most is walking down our lane with her, to and from school. I’ll still be walking her younger siblings down to school, but I’ll miss her. She is a good walking companion. It’s our time to hear about each other’s day and spot the seasonal changes along our lane. From September, she will be picked up and dropped off by the school bus. So I am cherishing the last few days of our daily walks.

mitten bookmark open

(End note: I made a mitten bookmark for my not-so-little bookworm. Opens and shuts like a round of applause. Only 43 and a half hours left at school until the summer holidays, one of the children tells me! Maths looks promising.)

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  1. 🙂 Cute little book mark! I had one of those when I was her age. Made with a hairclip, right?
    This was a nice nostalgic write-up about your daughter, too.

    1. I still have the first mitten bookmark I made when I was about 10. Strangely difficult to find the right hair slides. So I was really pleased when I found a pack. I will be making more.

  2. That is just too sweet! Please send me a photo of the mittens close up on the book so i can feature it, but need it asap! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

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