Owl felted case in the making

owl 1

Today was a work day. I spent the day working with someone else’s colour schemes and by the end of the day, I just wanted to scream. I’ve got more of it tomorrow. In the meantime, I am felting as an antidote.

We are going to a birthday party on Saturday, so perfect excuse to get wool tops out and make a present. I decided on an owl camera case. I’m running low on some of the colours, so I hope my desperate need to express my own creativity, will pull me through.

owl 2

I’m using the washing machine method, as before. I wrap the unfelted case in netting first and soak it with warm soapy water. Next, I rub it all over just enough to fix the detail in place and rearrange as necessary. I then re-wrap the netting and squeeze it into the foot of a pair of tights, as tightly as possible, before putting it in the washing machine. I may put it in several of my everyday washes, until it is thoroughly felted.

The little penguin is from an earlier felting session. I’m pleased with how hard wearing it is, as this case is used everyday. This one was washed three times.

The owl case is in its second wash at the moment. I’ll post the finished case tomorrow. Do I feel “creatively” better? Oh, Yes.

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