Gardening Journal: Start seed sowing

Joining in with Ginny‘s Saturday garden journal. I usually keep a written version that peters out at some point, but it would be good to compare one year to the next.

Saturday 10th March

Greenhouse: Now clear. Chickens have been using it as a dust bath this week.

Kitchen garden: clear, but borders need redefining after the chickens and children using it as a digging area over the winter!

Salad garden: almost clear. Debris cleared, but a few overwintering plants need lifting.

Activity: I sowed mini peppers, basil, sweet peas, baby tomatoes and cucumbers in pots, which are now sitting on a kitchen window sill in propagators, where needed. Checked my seed list and only runner beans to buy.

Notes: (Chickens could not help joining me in the greenhouse.) Remembered that almost as important as getting seeds in pots, is a recovery kit for use after gardening.

This evening, along with a cup of mint tea, I made lavender bath salts (right) and a tub of herby sugar hand rub (left) (Seasamamb, via Totally Tutorials). The hand rub shifted the dirt and left my hands feeling pampered. I used lavender and rosemary from the garden. This rub has earned its place by the sink, for the gardening season.

Happy moments:

BL loved my felted hairslide so much that she decided to make her own, using buttons that Father Christmas gave her. As I worked in the greenhouse, the children played in the garden. I know she loves her hairslide as she kept it in while running around the garden and climbing trees, instead of her usual wild look.

So what are you doing in the garden? I’d love to know how you revive yourself after gardening.

2 thoughts on “Gardening Journal: Start seed sowing

  • Saturday 10 March, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    You have been so busy! I haven’t really started outside yet…moving things around and completely wrecking the bathroom are taking all my time…I must get started soon though, thanks for the reminder! 😀

    • Saturday 10 March, 2012 at 11:43 pm

      I’m starting slowly. Its the same each year. By the end of the growing season I need to stop. Maybe forever. Then suddenly in Spring I just…excuse the pun…but I spring right back into action. I am so looking forward to eating from the garden again. 🙂

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