Knitting Stitches – Fuchsia pattern

I love fuchsias. We have lots in the garden left by the previous owner. For this, I thank them. Not only do fuchsia flowers bloom into so many beautiful colours, but they remind me of miniature dancers and fairies. Imagine my intrigue when I found a fuchsia knitting pattern. How could I resist.

I like it, but it’s not a fuchsia. I think it has been mis-named. I’m going for foxglove.

I love foxgloves as well, so I’m just as happy to knit a square of foxgloves. Whichever flower it is, I’m pleased to add this square to my blanket. It is quite a bulky pattern, so not one I’d use  to cover a whole garment. It would look lovely as part of an aran jumper pattern. I can see it being used as a vertical line or two going down a panel of a jumper. Maybe a pair of fingerless gloves.

The instructions may look full, but I found it easy to anticipate the stitches after the first repeat. It is slightly more involved than just knitting and purling. Maybe intermediate level.

Fuschia Foxglove square

Cast on 42 stitches.

Abbreviation: P (purl), K (Knit), Yo ( yarn over), K2tog (knit 2 stitches together), P2tog (purl 2 stitches together), psso (pass slipped stitch over the knitted stitch), s1s (slip one stitch)

repeat the stitches between the pair of *s until the end of the row or the last few stitches.

Row 1 : *P2, K2, Yo, P2*

Row 2 : *K2, P3, K2*

Row 3: *P2, K3, Yo, P2*

Row 4: *K2, P4, K2*

Row 5:  *P2, K4, Yo, P2*

Row 6: *K2, P5, K2*

Row 7:  *P2, K3, K2tog, P2*

Row 8: same as row 4

Row 9: *P2, K2, K2tog, P2*

Row 10: same as row 2

Row 11: *P2, K1, K2tog, P2*

Row 12: *K2, P2, K2*

These twelve rows complete one repeat. I repeated them 4 and a bit times for my square.

If nothing else, it has been such fun searching through my photos to find the two flower photos, from the summer.

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  1. Love foxgloves, so I’m going to give your pattern a whirl 🙂

    I have also joined your page so I can peek at your other knitting patterns. Thanks for posting.


    1. Thanks for visiting Val. I’m glad you like the stitches and hope you find something of interest in the other squares. Finished blanket is a long way off but I’m loving expanding my knowledge.

  2. Oh Spring is in full bloom in England. How beautiful. The first snow drops are just popping out of the ground here. On a different note, I’m so enjoying your knitting stitches series. I love the idea and always wanted to do it but I’m a terrible “swatcher”. I jump right on to the project…

    1. The flower photos are from last summer. Although the garden is starting to bloom. The daffodils are looking beautiful.

  3. ooops.. I posted my comment before finishing it, sorry.
    I just wanted to say that having a project that’s all swatches like your blanket is brilliant!

    1. I am awful at knitting tension swatches. I’m too impatient and dive straight into the knitting project. This project is so much fun. Probably because I am experimenting, but will have something to show at the end. I hope!

    1. I wish I had found the fuschia pattern, but unfortunately not to date. Your idea of a fuschia inspired scarf sounds beautiful. I hope you find the right pattern.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it should be the notes I used to make the square. It is part of a blanket I was knitting. Blanket is still in daily use and very popular with family.

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