Meal Planning from a dog’s viewpoint

Hi. My name is Gwin and I’m jumping in while the humans are out watching Ponyo at the cinema, because, to be honest I have a bone to pick with some of you human bloggers.


I am the family’s three and half year old Deerhound. I’ve lived here since I was a puppy and I love my family. I love my way of life. I will do anything for my pack. I have guarded the young while they were busy renovating the house.

I may look like I'm sleeping, but I am fully alert... really
I may look like I’m sleeping, but I am fully alert… really

I keep the garden clear of cats, I meet and greet visitors and I stop the sofa from floating away. I provide comfort to any fairies that need it.

Gwin and fairy

You get the picture, I take these tasks seriously and I earn my rewards. The odd snatched cookie when no-one’s looking and any left over food to add interest to my meals.

This is where my problem starts. Up until now my supper bowl and, even sometimes my breakfast bowl, contained extra goodies that are surplus to human meals. You know the sort. My female food provider has cooked too much or missed the “use by” date. It’s all tasty as far as I am concerned and I look forward to it. Or I should say I did look forward to it.

A few weeks ago my female food provider started to research “Meal Planners”. She read other blogs and obviously liked what she read. I thought nothing was amiss even when a list was put up inside the cupboard door. Looking back, I think she was hiding it from me. All family members, who can read, seemed to enjoy reading it. I should have known, but they never mentioned “meal planning” at puppy training school.

From day one the extras in my food bowl stopped. Completely stopped and that was three weeks ago. It has got so bad I’ve even taken to patrolling the meal table when they eat. This is not digified behaviour for a Deerhound. We usually like to wait until no-one is looking, before we grab food not meant for us.

So please can you stop all your talk of meal planners. I know not all you human bloggers are to blame, but my standard of living has gone down hill. Kibbles are not enough.  Also for all you humans, with dogs, who are considering doing meal planning, I plead with you to think of your dogs. They do so much for you, don’t do this to them.

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