Bees wax leaves

On our way to school, we pass a tree which catches my eye every time. I look forward to seeing it each time. It’s branches sweep over a hedge, allowing it’s leaves to flap over the road like it’s trying to flag us down. The colours are beautiful. This weekend, I knew we had to make time to visit it, but on its side of the hedge, this time. Fortunately, there is a right of way.

I think it’s an American oak, but please correct me if you are in the know. The leaves are turning ahead of the other trees near by, making it stand out.

I collected a small handful of fallen leaves and brought them back to wax. The leaves are fairly sturdy, so I knew that they would survive being plunged into the hot beeswax. They didn’t half sizzle when I put them in.

The beeswax coats the leaves and preserves them. It keeps the colour, just as it is. The leaves can be brought out year after year, if stored carefully.

More information about the process here.

These leaves were destined to be a displayed. I dug out a willow wreath base, I made a few years ago. It is wonky in shape, but I didn’t want it to be a perfect circle. More organic. I used my hot gun to stick the leaves on and added a few more leaves from the garden. The hot glue, remelted the wax, making this a tricky process. I managed to avoid being burnt, as it takes no time to fix in place.

Next I glued on the felted acorns, I made a couple of weeks ago. They are light, so there was no issue with sticking them to the leaves rather than the base.

I hung it on the cupboard door, but it also works on the table as a candle wreath.

I love this craft. Apart from the glue, everything else is borrowed from nature. It can be returned at any time. The smell of the beeswax is a total delight, every time it moves or is touched, so I have no plans to let it go yet. It’s one of those decorations that you need to touch, as well.

I’m still playing with where it looks best. I’ve got a feeling that everyone will interact with it more on the table, so maybe there.

Have you tried waxing leaves?


  1. I love this! I’ve never tried waxing leaves before but now I feel like I need to have a go! Your display looks so pretty. I like it as a candle wreath. x

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