Finished Jumper

I’ve finished my jumper. Just need to block it and it’s ready to wear. I played yarn chicken with this one. I really could have done with an extra ball of wool. The last seam was sewn up with a different wool, which was the closest I could find in my stash, that matched. Also I adapted a bit of the knitting. It was too close.

It took me one month and 6 days to knit. I kept a note this time, but I’m pretty sure I’ve not knitted something quite so big in just over a month before.

The hem is curling like crazy again. Just as it did for the cardigan version. Fingers tightly crossed that blocking will do the job. It’s not a flattering feature for my shape. Reminds me of the plastic baby bibs that catch the crumbs. Believe me, it’s not the look I was after. Especially round my hips. I will be blocking it with great care, to flatten it out.

Hopefully the next time I post up a photo of this jumper, I will be wearing it. Otherwise, I might hand it on to one of my daughters. Hints have already been dropped that they would happily take it off my hands. They can both wear anything and look amazing. However curly the hem might be.
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One thought on “Finished Jumper

  • Friday 19 April, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    Another lovely coloured yarn! I can see why your daughters are trying to half inch it. What do you have planned next? I’ve got a few ideas but it’s getting the time to start them! I think I’m going to grab some yarn from my stash and hide up the garden this weekend and make a start 😉 x #MMBC

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